Mon, May 20

Letter: Citizens must stand up and give a voice to animals, birds, trees


I am writing to inform you of a grass roots movement to help the Environment and Wildlife. Fear and lack of awareness of the situation has stripped away environmental protections and recent laws have put our wildlife in jeoparday.

We as citizens need to stand up and give a voice to the animals, the birds, the trees, and all wildlife. We have been lead to believe that we have to make a choice between the environment, wildlife and jobs and progress. This isn’t true. We can live side by side as we have for centuries and give them a place to thrive.

Please, let the children be heard. Send pictures and letters to our leaders to say we care about the animals and the public lands and will let our votes defend them. Wolves and others are a keystone species that effect every area of the environment in which they reside. Please help to defend these defensless creatures from the ravages of loss of habitat as well as outright war against them. This is important so that wolves, bears, wild horses and other endangered species don’t go extinct forever on our watch, but instead are allowed to flourish and prosper for our grand children and great grand children.

This is my dream,

Gail Martin

Camp Verde