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Big Park School the perfect example of how it takes a Village to raise a child

Big Park Community School

Big Park Community School

At this time of year, in the schools, it seems we accelerate to the end! It is an exciting time with the conclusion of assessments, end of the year programs, fieldtrips, promotion of our 6th graders to junior high and the wrap of a great year. We could not do everything we do, without the support of this great community!

We have accomplished much in one year. We are well on our way to being a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate. We owe thanks to Don and Jan Groves for their support and guidance on this journey.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the community members who stepped forward for “Adopt-a-Teacher” which supported teacher training for the implementation of the Primary Years Program.

We are grateful to parents and community members who stepped forward and served on our Site Council to help guide the school. We have a supportive School Board and Administrative team. And many thanks to those of you who remembered us among your tax credit donations!

The newly formed Village of Oak Creek Rotary Club has taken us under their wing and helps us honor outstanding students and teachers.

The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council has supported us through their informational meetings and, in cooperation with the Vision Alliance and HOA’s, has helped raise matching funds for the annual fees for IB.

The Church of the Nazarene has helped teachers with supplies for their classrooms, as have the members of the Kachina Retired Teachers” Association. Weber’s IGA supports us regularly.

The Master Gardeners of Sedona have helped revive our Butterfly Garden. Gardens for Humanity and Sedona Recycles have helped teach our students about Sustainability.

Village Landscaping and Maintenance, and numerous volunteers have helped us with our landscape needs. Chamber Music Sedona has performed for the students. Thanks to David Gill’s proposal, the Sedona Car Club has offered a scholarship for a child to attend our integrated preschool at Big Park next year.

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTSA) works tirelessly to provide fun outreach and family activities, as well as fundraisers and informational forums. Perhaps you heard about the awesome Fun Run we just held here at Big Park? We are grateful to PTSA every day!

Students have found many ways to give back this year. For example, they have donated shoes and books to Africa. They have participated in monthly school beautification projects, and kindness campaigns.

They have collected food for the Yavapai Food Council, performed for Sedona Winds and participated in poster contests for MatForce and the American Legion. Many walked in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Some serve as Peer Mediators, Crossing Guards, BP Ambassadors or Big Buddies to younger students. They are learning that contributions make a community strong.

How great it is to be part of this community! It really does “Take a Village.” We are so proud to be part of the Village of Oak Creek -- where Community Counts!

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