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Be Fit Fit! Let’s get it right from the beginning of the day!

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

The breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. What you eat and how much you eat in the early hours sets the tone for the rest of the day. And yes, you should, indeed, eat a breakfast like a king.

First things first: never skip a breakfast. You do not want to “diet” or starve through the day, you want to nurture your body, virtually build the “bricks” which create your body and make it stronger. Which means, you have to fuel your body’s cells appropriately for all the hard work they are doing!

Moreover, if you skip a breakfast, or eat not enough at this time of the day, you will “crash’ later on. Most likely, by reaching for a doughnut during that 3PM meeting at work or/and inhaling a bag of chips in front of the tube in the evening.

When you eat a healthy and voluminous breakfast, your body will not ‘think” it is starving at any point of the day. Therefore, it will not hold on to every and each calorie you get through the day, which results in even more of a fatty tissue stored and even a slower metabolism. In other words, the body will not “think” that the end of the world and some major starvation is near. It will metabolize nutrients you eat at its own pace, much quicker than if the starvation is “imminent”. This will result in you burning more calories through the metabolic process alone, even while watching the TV!

So, what should you eat for a good breakfast? Well, the rules are the same as for the rest of the day: eat “clean”. No processed foods, no white breads/muffins, no sugars. With the exception, put a particular attention to eating lots and lots of proteins (to feel satiated through the day and to build the lean muscle mass) and lots of healthy and fibrous carbs, either from veggies or fruits. Eat low-fat, but perhaps steer away from any “0% fat” fares: these are, typically, overloaded with sugar (just to compensate for the lack of taste which a “no-fat” fare would normally suffer from). 1% or 2% Greek yoghurt is the best (Greek because it has more proteins than any other type of yoghurt, which is due to the way the companies produce it). Sprinkle it with some healthy fats (nuts, seeds: but they have to be plain, not roasted, not salted). Add berries, grapes, slices of kiwi or orange on top. If you feel OK about it, add some half scoop of protein powder. And voila, you have a great breakfast!

Another option: Eggs are great, again because they have so much proteins. They are a natural, non-processed source of good stuff for us. So, hard-boiled, sunny side up, scrambled (use milk or unsweetened apple sauce instead of oil), 1-minute eggs… All are great choices. If you scramble them, add kale, spinach, bell peppers… The more colors you get on the plate, the better! Just make sure not to have any bacon or ham – they are full of chemicals and fats, even if the label says “natural”.

Otherwise, you might want to have some steel-cut oats (the digestive system works harder to digest the steel-cuts, if you compare with how easy it is for it to digest the round oats). Forget commercial oats, go to the bulk section and start from there. Also, cottage cheese, anyone? It is another great source of proteins and calcium. You can also add your protein powder into it, if you wish, it mixes well.

Have fun, stay Fit-Fit and full in a clean way and keep me posted how you are doing!

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