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Educator of the Week: Cheryl Guth

Cheryl Guth attended Beaver Creek School before she began her 20-year teaching career in the school district. (Photo by Bill Helm)

Cheryl Guth attended Beaver Creek School before she began her 20-year teaching career in the school district. (Photo by Bill Helm)

RIMROCK – Some folks work hard. Others work smart. At Beaver Creek School, Cheryl Guth works both hard and smart – and with heart.

Principal Katrina Sacco says Guth is “dedicated to her profession and her community.”

According to Sacco, the school’s first-year principal, Guth is “often the first one here in the morning and the last to leave.”

“She has been with BCS for many years and she is known as a master teacher, caring community member, and loving mother,” Sacco says of Guth, who is now in her 20th year of teaching at Beaver Creek School. “She embodies the spirit of Beaver Creek through her commitment, passion, and love of learning.”

With many a hoop to jump through each year, Arizona schools receive the table scraps of the nation’s education finances. By extension, the state’s teachers oftentimes change jobs – or even careers.

Folks in Beaver Creek are known as Creekers. Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker, they say. And Guth, a graduate of Beaver Creek School, says she was in grade school when she decided to become a teacher.

“Teaching children has been such a meaningful career for me,” Guth says. “I love teaching.”


“I have a very busy classroom, but I try to be as organized as possible, and I have a routine that the students know and expect. I try not to leave any room for students to get bored or get into trouble.”


-In 2009, Guth was nominated for Yavapai County Teacher of the Year. Says Beaver Creek School Principal Katrina Sacco, Guth “embodies the idea of a teacher who finds the perfect balance in order to enrich the lives of her students while boosting their academic performance.”


“I believe the first and most important step in being a good teacher is having classroom management, and then make the learning fun as possible.”

“I try to keep all the students engaged by interacting with each one. I use a variety of ways to teach – I do whole group, but also use groups of five often and most everyday do partner work (two to three students).


“My mother has a story I wrote when I was 7 years old that tells how I loved to play school and that I would be a teacher when I grew up.”

When not in the classroom, Guth is an avid scrap booker.

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