Sun, April 05

Letter: Let’s deal with facts propaganda by gun-control groups


Bob Richards writes that “For much of our history we have had gun control measures.

However in the last half of the 20th century that changed with new interpretations of the second amendment.”

That is so totally incorrect that it is mind boggling.

Up until 1934, you could walk into any Western Auto hardware store (and others),and buy a fully automatic Thompson Submachine gun for $200, no paper work, no questions asked. Ditto with silencers, and short barrel shotguns. Research it if you don’t believe me.

It was perfectly legal and common for WWI vets to bring back operational machine guns as war trophies.

The 1934 gun control act stopped the sale of machine guns, silencers, and some other firearms to anyone unless they underwent a rigorous background check and paid a $200 tax and got a signoff from the local sheriff.

Up until the gun control act of 1968, there were no such as licensed firearms dealers, anybody could buy and resell guns as a business.

It was common to see pistols and rifles advertised in the back of kids comic books for sale, $5.95 plus postage bought you a 6 shot revolver, mailed to anybody of any age, anywhere. I have seen them, I had those comic books in the 1960s

After 1968 you had to go through a licensed dealer and fill out government paperwork to purchase an firearm at a gun store,and age restrictions were set denying sales to people under 18 or 21 depending on the firearm.

In 1993, the Brady bill was passed which required a NICS, FBI background check on anybody purchasing a firearm at a gun store, as well as other restrictions like 5-day waiting periods.

I suggest Mr Richards look at U.S. vs Miller, 1939, if he thinks “new interpretations of the second amendment” have made guns easier to get.

If the defendant Miller hadn’t failed to show up, it is most likely the GCA of 1934 would have been declared unconstitutional.

Please educate your self on what is reality and ignore the propaganda put out by gun-control groups. And I suggest people take responsibility for their own protection, and not be a sheep that is expecting to be taken care of in every facet of life by the government.

The police do what they can, but they have no duty to protect you, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Doug Melton

Camp Verde

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