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Labyrinth walk, book signing, poetry reading and free lecture by visionary artist Sandra Wasko-Flood

Originally Published: November 13, 2017 2:23 p.m.

Visionary artist, poet, teacher and founder of Living Labyrinths for Peace, Sandra Wasko-Flood will offer poetry readings and signing of her book, The Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace: Art and Poetry by Sandra Wasko-Flood together with free 30-minute presentations, Introduction to Labyrinths this weekend.


Sandra Wasko-Flood

After the lecture, attendees are invited to take a walk on the colorful, indoor Rainbow Labyrinth of Peace canvas labyrinth at the Sedona Artist Market. Wasko-Flood will be present at the gallery throughout the day and will offer her presentation at 1:00 p.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, 2017. She will also be sharing her book on Sunday, November 19, 2017 during the Sedona Psychic Fair at the Hilton Sedona Resort.

Artist Wasko-Flood creates photo-etchings and labyrinth light art. Her mystical vision combines the darkness and the light, and those cycles of life, death and rebirth on the spiral path that Native Americans say connects earth to universe.

“You can lose yourself in a maze, but find yourself in a labyrinth,” she commented. “Mazes have many false paths and dead ends, but labyrinths have a single, meandering path to the center and back, which many find slows the breathing, focuses the mind and induces a peaceful state of being.

Over 4000 years old and found worldwide, today labyrinths are having a Renaissance. They are found in churches and schools, hospitals and prisons, parks and recreation centers, and backyards around the globe.”

Wasko-Flood was inspired by a vision she had in Chaco Canyon’s Great Kiva, where she saw dancing figures emerge from a ceremonial spiral “Under Earth,” to a labyrinth “On Earth,” and a glass dome opening to the galaxies “Above Earth.” She said,” It became my priority to construct the Labyrinth Light Media Peace Museum in New Mexico and New York City that will unite all disciplines, institutions, and cultures for world peace.”

This vibrant, visionary artist loves to share understanding about labyrinths. “In the past, people walked them for major life celebrations -- birthdays, marriages, funerals, as we still do today.

The labyrinth is a form of meditation that represents life’s journey, the cycles physical, psychological and spiritual of Life, Death, and Rebirth,” she said. “You enter it with some “Life” concern or intention for walking. You rest at center -- “Death” -- dying to an old way of being, as you listen with your mind and heart to that higher force in which you believe. You walk back out “Reborn” with a new way of seeing to give to the world. You can walk to express a feeling, decide something, make a decision, resolve a conflict or make a peace wish for yourself, family, friends, community or the world.”

A resident of Angel Fire, New Mexico and part time resident of Baltimore, MD, Wasko-Flood studied printmaking at the University of California, Los Angeles (1966), Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1970-73), University of Wisconsin, Madison (1977-78), and at Smithsonian Institution in Wash. DC (1986). One of the first to use the monotype printmaking technique, she gave classes in her Alexandria, VA studio, (1981-85). As Director of the Printmaking Studio, Lee Arts Center, Arlington, VA (1996), she invited Keith Howard to introduce his safe etching techniques to the east coast. She continues to study at the UNM Taos, with Gary Cook (2009-17).

Come experience a walk on the Rainbow Labyrinth of Peace canvas labyrinth on Saturday, meet the artist, enjoy the free 30-minute lecture and poetry readings, learn about the health benefits of walking a labyrinth and see her unique art.

The Sedona Artist Market is located at 2081 W. State Route 89A in west Sedona. 928-282-2153. This exciting art destination showcases more than 100 artists offering jewelry, wearables, handmade baskets, photography, glass art, digital art and more. For additional information, call 928-282-2153. For more information on the Labyrinth event, please call 480-599-4830.

The Sunday event takes place during the Sedona Psychic Fair at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock and is free with Fair Admission, The Hilton is located at 90 Ridge Trail Drive, Village of Oak Creek.