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VERDE HERITAGE 1911: CLARKDALE; Land Transactions.

"According to deeds filed for record yesterday, the United Verde Copper Company has acquired some of the most valuable land in the Verde Valley, closing the deal for the 120 acres of D. J. Shea, 320 acres of Mr. Petchauer, and 240 acres of the D. J. Shea & Company. The consideration in the Petchauer sale was $7,600, while the price paid for Shea interests was given at a nominal sum, but is believed to be much larger." United Verde Copper Company documents indicate the Shea Ranch Company, with 120 acres (21 irrigated), was purchased for $9,750, and the Shea Home Ranch, with 240 acres (70 acres irrigated), was purchased for $15,000. The F. Petchauer place, with 304 acres (130 irrigated) was purchased for $17,465.

"Included in this big transaction are valuable water rights, livestock, and all ranch equipment. The lands are situated near Cottonwood and are more familiarly known as the old Goodwin and H. J. Allen places."

"Interest in this transaction follows from the location of the lands of the terminal point of the new railroad that is building from Cedar Glade to the Verde Valley. Surveys for this road embrace the lands acquired by the United Verde company."

"The ranches are said to own prior water rights along the Verde River, which is believed to have been one of the inviting features for taking them over, in view of the location of the big smelter."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; November 8, 1911; page 7.)

The first land purchased was the Haskell Ranch and Haskell Spring, with 320 acres (10 irrigated), for $9,000, on September 4, 1906. Land close to the proposed smelter site was purchased from Will. A. Jordan on May 23, 1911. It included 165 acres (26 irrigated) purchased for $15,000. Part of the J. J. Humbert Ranch, containing 93 acres, was purchased for $3,000 on June 7, 1911.

Other ranches purchased during November and December of 1911, include those owned by F. Morris, 80 acres for $5,000; O. J. Ames, 320 acres for $15,000; Torizzano, 31 acres for $2,300; Turner, 80 acres for $8,000; A. J. Humbert, 51 acres for $6,000; and Black, 71 acres for $9,000.

An additional 51 acres owned by J. J. Humbert was purchased on June 8, 1912.

Addition land was acquired during 1911 and 1913 as Santa Fe Scrip (161 acres) and Moqui Scrip (1,244 acres). The total cost for all the land transactions through 1913 was $137,009 (3,410 acres, 344 irrigated).

After the smelter was "blown-in" during 1915, an additional 1,665 acres of land was purchased from 1916 through 1923 at a total cost of $76,778.

(Cline Library, United Verde Copper Company, Item 67450.)

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