Wed, June 26

Want to know about your community? Attend Big Park Council meetings

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

If you want to know what is happening in your Community (the word “Community” for this article means if you live or own property in what is variously called “Big Park”, “Village of Oak Creek”, “VOC” or “Sedona Village”), the best thing to do is attend the monthly meetings of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (normally referred to as the “Big Park Council” or just the “Council”).

The Council is an AZ nonprofit corporation with 29 members, all of which fall into one of three membership categories defined in the Council Bylaws. These three categories are Residential Association Member, Business Owners Association or Educational Institution Member.

Each Council Member selects Representatives to cast its one vote on Council issues that are decided by majority vote at the monthly meetings which are held on the second Thursday of each month at 9 am in Sedona Fire District Station #3 on Slide Rock Road in the Community. The Council discusses current concerns, issues and challenges affecting the Community.

In addition to voting on local issues, the Council performs another important function: gathering information and disseminating it to the Community. The Council was formed in 1997 at the request of the Yavapai County Supervisors.

Although the Council is not a governmental entity with governmental authority, various governmental agencies of Yavapai County, the City of Sedona, and the State of Arizona have repeatedly demonstrated their reliance on the Council’s opinions and recommendations on a wide range of issues.

These roles have earned the Council the moniker of the "Community’s Voice". This nickname continues to be validated by the number of people who attend each monthly Council meeting over and above the Member Representatives.

At the October monthly meeting, I invited someone who had never been to a Council meeting. As with most all Council meetings that meeting was no exception in that there was a speaker, from the Red Rock Trails Sustainable Funding Work Group, asking the Council to commit to a community vision to help the U.S. Forest System fund the maintenance of our red rock trails.

There was civil discourse about that topic as well as hearing reports from the Sedona Fire District, the All American Road Committee, the Sedona Public Library in the Village, Big Park Community School, the Council’s executive officers, the Council’s Planning & Zoning Committee and the Council’s Transportation Committee.

At the end of the meeting my invited guest (you do not need an invitation as the meetings are open to everybody) came up to me and stated that she had no idea that so much is going on in our Community and all of it discussed by the Council.

We welcome you to get active and help us shape your Community. Even if you are not active, one of the important duties of being a citizen is to be informed about what is going on in your Community – so to paraphrase the “What’s in your wallet?” ad, the Council is asking “What is happening in your Community?”