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1952: "O. R. "Rusty" Verretto is chairman of the Bridgeport Soil Conservation district --- an active member of the board for the past 4 years."

"In 1947 he made application to the Bridgeport Soil Conservation district for a complete soil and water conservation plan on his 10-acre farm below Bridgeport. He carried out considerable land leveling work and planted the acreage to permanent pasture mixture. Although the farm was small, he did an excellent job of improving the place."

"In 1948, "Rusty" sold this farm and bought the 100-acre Richmond Dairy farm known as the Verde District Dairy. He was so impressed with the conservation work done on the Hardgrave farm in April of 1948, when this farm was remade in a day, that he decided to level his entire farm. He also planted each field after the leveling was completed."

"Spending about $12,000 on this work, he planted the farm to alfalfa and a permanent pasture mixture. He made it a model conservation farm and later sold it to Dave Shivers who is making all of the applied conservation work pay off."

"O. R. "Rusty" Verretto was born in northern Italy near the mountain town of Tourino on May 20, 1911. His parents were U. S. citizens visiting in Italy about the time World War I started and were unable to come back to this country for some time."

"When "Rusty" and his parents returned to this country they settled near Prescott where his father was engaged in mining."

"During the years 1936 to 1941 "Rusty" owned and operated a dairy. He enjoyed the work because he was close to the soil and working with livestock."

(The Verde Independent; Cottonwood; Thursday, August 21, 1952; page 1.)

The Verretto family lived in the Northeast Precinct of Prescott during the 1920 Census. Mike Verretto, age 49, was a blacksmith working in a blacksmith shop and living with his wife, Emilia, age 40, and son, Oreste, age 8.

Mike Verretto was born in Torino, Italy, on January 26, 1870. He was a retired blacksmith and had lived in Prescott and Arizona for 51 years when he died on June 28, 1941. His wife, Emilia Ponsetto Verretto, was born in Italy on April 27, 1879. Emilia had lived in Arizona 37 years, and at Cottonwood for 6 months, when she died there on December 1, 1956. They are buried together in Mountain View Cemetery.

Oreste R. "Rusty" Verretto was born in Turrin, Italy, on May 20, 1911. He is the son of Michael and Emilia (Conzetto) Verretto. He was married in Yavapai County during August of 1937, to Rachel Becchetti. She moved with her family to Cottonwood during 1920. Her father owned the Rialto Theater. Rachel played the accordian, organ, and piano at many community events. "Rusty" Verretto owned Rusty's Purple Sage on Main Street, Cottonwood Tire Mart, was a part owner of Clarkdale Dairy, and was a rancher. He was a member of BPOE, Moose Lodge, Camp Verde Historical Society and the Verde Valley Chamber of Commerce. "Rusty" died at Cottonwood on May 28, 1983. Rachel died on her husband's birthday, May 20, 1993. They are buried together in Valley View Cemetery.

(Sharlot Hall Museum Library and Archives.)

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