Mon, Sept. 16

Letter: Sorry mom, but I’m going to speak my mind


I called my mother yesterday. First words out of her mouth were, “You can’t keep posting your political opinions on Facebook, it’ll hurt your new business.”

  1. My personal page is separate from my business page.

  2. This country is going backward. All the great strides we made during the last administration: taking better care of our planet, healthcare for all, teaching nutrition to children, student loan assistance, standing with our allies, acknowledgment and protection for LBQT rights ( name a few) are being undone at an alarmingly fast pace.

  3. My first grandchild is on the way, and I’m worried about the world we are leaving for her, ecologically, economically and politically.

  4. I have almost always voted Republican, and I’ve been a faithful voter all my life. But I voted for Obama’s re-election based on his performance, and his genuine empathy for all.

  5. Mostly I miss his intelligence and his ability to speak in such a way that the message was clear, concise and calming. We got to know the man, and he is a kind person who took the Office seriously and always did his best. Obama believes in fairness.

I’ve been quiet my whole life, and I take responsibility for my inaction. I WILL BE SILENT NO MORE! Things must change for all of America, the first of which is to install a government that cares about the 90% and adequately represents us.

It won’t be easy, since most politicians are in the top 10 percent of wealth, but we outnumber them. We must keep speaking up, and identifying candidates that are like us and understand the struggle. Lobbyists need to go. Congress should have the same healthcare options as the rest of us. Pensions are a thing of the past--except for Congress. Why? They’re rich, and we’re paying their bills. How is that remotely fair?


If you made it this far, thank you for “listening” to me vent.

Kellie Gibson

Camp Verde

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