Wed, June 26

Letter: Our students succeed because this community has supported them through thick and thin


In support of our children and their dedicated educators here in our valley, we are voting “Yes” ”Yes” for the two upcoming overrides for Cottonwood Oak Creek School District and Mingus Union High School District.

Over 3,000 students are impacted by this vote which gives the community the power to continue the slim budget the schools presently have.

Most all are aware that Arizona is presently ranked 50th in the nation in spending on our students. These overrides will not increase your taxes but will continue classes for the whole child.

Therefore, this will make all classes smaller thus more personal and increasing the chances of each child success.

Now is the time to extend our care for these fragile lives. Some of us may no longer actually have to feed and clothe these children but they are still ours to care for.

A healthy community takes special care of its children. Our children need all of us.

Through the community’s past support there is strong evidence of success in our students as is seen by: theater productions, honor programs, athletic achievements, increased reading and math levels, overwhelming first places in countywide art shows, and high school students playing in the adult Cottonwood Band.

Our students, our children are succeeding because this community cares and has supported them through thick and thin.

In October you will receive your mail in ballot. Please fill it out with a positive vote for our students and place in the mail.

Your “Yes” “Yes” vote is important and needed.

Retired Educators of the Verde Valley: LaVerne Colness, Sandy Shepard England, Dede Ewald, Joan Evans, Thelma Fisher, Dinah Gemmill, RuthAnn Haenny, Jean Harkey, Julie Larson, Susan Ragle, Minnie Tavasci, Mary Valenzuela, Ruth Wicks