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Verde Heritage 1932: Reconstruction Finance Corporation


"R. E. Moore, a member of the county Reconstruction Finance Corporation committee in charge of work in the Verde District, announced this afternoon that a total of 90 unemployed men of this district were hired this morning to begin work tomorrow morning."

"Fifty men were given work in Jerome while Clarkdale hired 20 and the Cottonwood-Clemenceau office 20, Moore said. He added that all unemployed men who have not already registered at his office are urged to do so Friday morning."

"Complying with the rules and regulations of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, as adopted by the state committee, preference is being given in the following order; married ex-service men with families, married men with families, single ex-service men, and single men. Citizens and non-citizens are eligible for work."

"The state committee rules make each unemployed man eligible for 5 days of work each month, at wages of $3.00 per day."

"Moore also stated that when all of the unemployed of this district have been taken care of, men who are now working part time also will be eligible for this work."

"The Verde District will receive $6,000 of the $12,000 allotted to this county by the state committee, which will provide work for 400 men in this district per month and 400 in the remainder of the county, where the balance of the allotment is to be spent, Moore said. With this plan 100 will receive work in this district each week, and there are enough funds available in the state apportionment to provide work for the next 2 months, he added. Should Arizona need additional funds, and receive the loan, the work may last all winter."

"The work to be done by men hired at Moore's office here will consist of repairing the Old Gulch Road, drainage ditches in the west and south sections of Jerome, the Hopewell tunnel highway, and the cleaning of accumulated debris from county highways leading into this city and from the streets and vacant lots of Jerome."

"Work of a similar character will also start in Clarkdale, Cottonwood, and Clemenceau tomorrow morning. Clarkdale unemployed will widen the Clarkdale-Tapco highway, while the Cottonwood-Clemenceau men will repair several drainage ditches, widen the County Highway between Cottonwood and Clemenceau, and build a trail from Cottonwood to the Clemenceau School, to be used by school children." [It went up the west side of the hill, away from vehicle travel.]

"Moore stated that unemployed of Camp Verde will be put to work on bridge approaches and connecting roads. This work, however, will not be started until sometime next week, he added."

"Unemployed of Clarkdale, who have not registered, are urged to report to Paul Keefe at once. Those in Cottonwood and Clemenceau to Ersel Garrison, and in Camp Verde to E. W. Wingfield, immediately."

"Moore said: 'All of Yavapai County's allotment will be used for labor relief only. There will be no direct relief, and the many dependent families without men members to earn livings for them, will continue to depend on charity organizations of the district for aid. The R. F. C. fund is merely additional assistance, and the wonderful charity work that has been done by individuals and many lodges of our district are urged to continue, as there are many in great need of clothing, bedding, etc.'"

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, October 4, 1932; pages 1, 4.)

A massive rock slide into the open pit mine of the United Verde Copper Company covered the ore on March 23, 1931. This resulted in a slow-down and then the closure of the Clarkdale smelter on May 21, 1931. Clearing the estimated million tons of rock was not completed until the end of 1934. The Clarkdale smelter began warming up, re-opened in January, then Phelps Dodge Corporation took over mining and smelting operations during the last part of February, 1935.

See: The Verde Independent; "1931: JEROME DISASTER; Rock Slide in the Open Pit Mine;" April 13, 2016.

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