Sat, Aug. 17

Camp Verde athlete of the week: Q&A with Logan Pratt
Camp Verde junior takes home medal at ALA Invitational

Camp Verde junior Logan Pratt has continued to get better since his freshman year. Cowboys head coach Mike O’Callaghan praised his commitment to get better.  (VVN file photo)

Camp Verde junior Logan Pratt has continued to get better since his freshman year. Cowboys head coach Mike O’Callaghan praised his commitment to get better. (VVN file photo)

Camp Verde High junior cross country runner Logan Pratt seeks to do better and recently he has.

On Wednesday at the ALA Invitational at Cesar Chavez Park in Laveen, Pratt was 24th in 21:46, taking home a medal and beating his best time by over two minutes.

“Logan’s been doing well,” said Camp Verde head coach Mike O’Callaghan. “He is sometimes disappointed with his results because he says ‘I feel I can do better, I feel I can do better’ and that’s always a good thing. You got an athlete who’s essentially challenging himself and saying ‘I know I can be better than this,’ that’s somebody who can be successful.”

O’Callaghan said Pratt asked him about working together between cross country and track and field season or at least providing him with work outs.

“While he’s not our fastest runner, he still has the attitude that you like to see,” O’Callaghan said.

O’Callaghan and Pratt both said he has come a long way since his freshman year.

“The first year he came out was the track season his freshman year and one of my first thoughts was ‘oh my god, here’s a kid and this kid’s going to try and run’ because he wasn’t athletic looking at all,” O’Callaghan said. “And he just through his work and effort has developed himself quite a bit.”

VVN: How’s the season been going for you?

Pratt: This season’s been going really good, I’ve improved a lot personally, I feel like.

VVN: How much have you grown just since August?

Pratt: Since August improved, I got kinda out of shape from doing nothing all summer (laughs), so I’ve improved quite a bit since then. I’m probably in better shape than I was during track, last season definitely and that was when I was in tip top shape.

VVN: How do you think you’ve grown as a runner during your high school career?

Pratt: I’ve gone from not knowing hardly how to run or stand up straight (laughs) to knowing how to run. During high school I’ve gone from not being able to keep correct posture to being able to run somewhat well.

VVN: What events did you do in track?

Pratt: Typically long distance, so mile or two mile, occasionally get thrown into the half mile.

VVN: How much different are those, half mile and mile?

Pratt: Half mile you go a lot faster but it’s a lot shorter of a race obviously and then mile is a lot more of a slower, but you’re still going pretty quick.

VVN: How do you think the cross country team has been developing this year?

Pratt: It’s been developing really well.

VVN: What’s been your favorite meet this year as a team or for you personally?

Pratt: My favorite meet so far has been Alhambra, because we did really good at that. Then as a team it was cool seeing everyone medal at Camp Verde, seeing Sy (Hanson) get first place in sophomores and what not.

VVN: How fun is it to have that meet at home after going to Phoenix and everything for other meets and not having track meets here you know?

Pratt: Yeah it’s kind of a fresh experience since we don’t even have track meets out here, it’s cool to see people come to our home turf.

VVN: What other sports are you into besides track and cross country?

Pratt: Not much honestly I kinda started running because I’m uncoordinated with a ball.

VVN: What things are you into outside of sports?

Pratt: Like video games and stuff like that.

VVN: What systems do you have?

Pratt: I mostly play on Nintendo or PC.

VVN: What’s your favorite game right now?

Pratt: I can’t really say (laughs).

VVN: How’s school been going for you?

Pratt: School’s been going good.

VVN: Do you know what you want to do after high school?

Pratt: Hmm, not sure, definitely something mathematical, because I’m pretty okay at math.