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Fire District, Red Cross partners for ‘Sound The Alarm’ campaign
SFD teams with Sedona Shadows to install smoke alarms Oct. 14

SEDONA –The American Red Cross is partnering with Sedona Fire District on “Sound The Alarm” Campaign.

Oct. 14 we are teaming up with Sedona Shadows to install smoke alarms. With each visit volunteers will ask to test or install smoke alarms. If the pre-existing smoke alarms need batteries, they will be replaced; or if there are no smoke alarms, if they are inoperable, or too old, smoke alarms will be installed in residences that needed them.

During the installation, one volunteer educates the resident on how to maintain the alarm and on home fire prevention. Each install should take about 20 minutes. Each team can cover 50 homes in a 3 hour period. The American Red Cross provides all of the batteries and alarms. Sedona Fire District volunteers will assist with the installation and education.

Every year, people die and are injured in home related fires. Unfortunately, about 73 percent of the homes with a fatality did not have a working smoke detector. It is the focus and goal of the American Red Cross to insure that homes across the US have functional, updated smoke detectors with the hope of reducing fatalities by 25 percent in the next 5 years.

“Do you know if your smoke alarm will work when you need it? Time and again, I’ve seen the life-saving impact smoke alarms can have in a home fire, but I’ve also seen the tragedy that can result when smoke alarms aren’t working properly,” says SFD Fire Marshal Jon Davis. “That’s why we’re participating in this campaign.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) data: Despite the federal requirements for factory-installed smoke alarms and the fact that eight out of ten manufactured homes and seven out of ten manufactured home fires now involve post-HUD-Standard units (based on 2007-2011 data), 51 percent of fires in manufactured homes were reported as having no smoke alarms present.

This suggests a problem with detection devices being removed by occupants.

If you would like more information on the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, please contact Sedona Fire District Fire Marshal’s office at 928-204-8926.

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