Wed, June 26

Mingus Union athlete of the week: Q&A with Alex Nelson

Mingus Union junior Alex Nelson runs the ball during the Marauders’ 38-6 win at Prescott last week. Nelson ran for 215 yards and two touchdowns against the Badgers and is third in the region in rushing.  (VVN/James Kelley)

Mingus Union junior Alex Nelson runs the ball during the Marauders’ 38-6 win at Prescott last week. Nelson ran for 215 yards and two touchdowns against the Badgers and is third in the region in rushing. (VVN/James Kelley)

Before Mingus Union football’s game last week at Prescott, junior running back Alex Nelson told the linemen if they did their job that the backs would run hard and they did in a big way.

Nelson rushed for 215 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries as the Marauders ran for 538 as a team in the 38-6 win over the Badgers.

According to Maxpreps, Nelson is third in the region in rushing with 7-5 yards. He has nine touchdowns, one fumble and is averaging 7.3 yards a carry.

“He’s had a great year,” said Mingus coach Bob Young. “We were hoping at the beginning of the year that he would have this kind of year running the ball because he didn’t get to run the ball much last year, he played defense but didn’t run and he’s done what I thought he could do and he’s got a lot of room to get better, which is scary but he can.”

He also has 10 catches for 127 yards, 20 tackles as a linebacker, four sacks and 832 total yards.

“He’s just really good laterally, he can move,” Young said. “The good running backs they can cut real quick and he’s good at that. Him and Tyler (Kelly) both, once they get in the open field they have another gear.”

Kelly is fourth in rushing with 624 yards, plus they have senior Martin Soria who missed half the season after transferring from Williams. The three running backs give the Marauders lots of power in the backfield.

“We got three guys that can do that, so it’s really nice,” Young said.

VVN: So how’s the season been going for you?

Nelson: It’s been going good, I’ve been progressing to be where I want to be but I have a lot of work to do on myself and with my team.

VVN: Is this kinda where you expected you’d be or better or worse?

Nelson: Not really record-wise but we all have stuff to do, I have more stuff to do, to get better at some things and somethings. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing.

VVN: How about the team overall, how has it been doing?

Nelson: Like me we’ve all been progressing, we’ve all been doing our jobs of the past couple of weeks, maybe not Bradshaw, but last week we all came together and did our jobs and that’s what happened with the game.

VVN: How good are the backs you guys have?

Nelson: That’s one thing with this year’s team, we have a lot of good backs, me, Tyler, Martin, Nick (Bloniarz), Colby (Fanning), we’re all good at running, we’re all good at blocking and we all still have stuff to work on.

VVN: What’s your favorite part about playing football?

Nelson: After the game when you win, you’re with your friends having fun out there when you’re whopping a team’s a butt.

VVN: How fun was that bus trip back home last week?

Nelson: It’s fun, we’re all happy, none of us are thinking about losing or the weeks past, we’re just worrying about going forward with the season.

VVN: Do you have a favorite pro team?

Nelson: The Arizona Cardinals.

VVN: How come?

Nelson: Hometown, I’ve always watched them since I was a little kid and I just grew up liking them.

VVN: Are you excited about them getting Adrian Peterson?

Nelson: Oh yeah (laughs), that’s a good deal.

VVN: Is there backs in the NFL that you kinda mold you game on or do you just kinda play?

Nelson: No, I like Ezekiel Elliott, I like Chris Johnson and I like Adrian Peterson, Adrian Peterson’s a beast.

VVN: How’s the fall break been for you guys?

Nelson: Monday was a little rough, just cuz we were out of routine but we’re doing what we have to do to get ready for Flag.

VVN: Is it really weird to go to practice and not school and everything?

Nelson: Yeah, it’s out of routine and we all wake up an hour before practice but once we get out here we all want to work.

VVN: How’s school been going for you?

Nelson: School’s going really well, I’m enjoying it. I’m having a good time, like getting my grades up more and more.

VVN: Do you know what you want to do after high school?

Nelson: I want to do something involving sports, depending on what offers I have and depending on what my passion is and I know it will be football.