Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Time for Senator Flake to take a stand against the NRA


Good morning Senator Flake. Let me start by saying that I am a 58 year old white male, an avid firearms collector, shooter, hunter, expert high-power rifle competitor, and an NRA certified range safety officer (RSO). I get it. I like guns too. I’ll also add that I am one of the 80% of the NRA membership who support the transfer of firearms only through a federal firearms licensee (FFL). It’s time to stop gun show sales and classified ad sales between individuals. This is how criminals get guns. That and they steal them out of irresponsible gun owner’s cars. It time to make some sensible change regarding the ownership of firearms. Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility that should take at least as much training and demonstration of skill and proficiency as driving a car does. At least.

Now we all know that the NRA lobby is a powerful one. Is their control over congress really strong enough to rule our country forever? If it is, then there’s something very wrong with our system. I’m asking YOU to be the one to make the change. I’m asking YOU to be the first to grow a backbone and state that the NRA is NOT in charge of our country. The NRA no longer represents shooters, sportsmen and hunters. They are nothing more than a lobby for weapons manufacturers, guaranteeing the right for them to sell their products no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT? No matter about Columbine and Sandy Hook and Orlando and Las Vegas and Aurora and Virginia Tech and San Bernardino. NO MATTER WHAT? Really? The tobacco companies used to have that power until it was proven beyond a doubt that their products killed people. Thousands of them. Well, sir, here we are again. There are products on the market killing thousands of people every year and congress stands by, no, congress bows before, the industry that makes these products. Sadly, we, the people of Arizona must count you to be one of those bowing before the NRA. Please, sir, reconsider. I know I have. After more than 30 years, I have resigned my membership in the NRA forever. If you do nothing, again, after the massacre in Las Vegas, you will be, again, on the wrong side of history. The NRA could be the body that writes the sensible legislation and training requirements to own firearms in this nation. Instead, they have turned their backs on the families of the dead, and on America itself, by stonewalling any legislation that doesn’t serve the weapons manufacturers. As I write this they are actually pushing a bill through congress to make the sale of silencers available to the same public who commit thousands of killing every year. And for what? Sales. Sales equals money. There’s no other good reason and this isn’t good enough.

Senator Flake, you’ve amazed us all recently with some sensible statements about our current president. That took guts and for that I applaud you. For trying, again, to kill the ACA, I abhor you.

So let’s get this straight: The Las Vegas mass murderer has a RIGHT to own the firearms he murdered and destroyed countless lives with but the 500 plus victims’ healthcare as a result of his madness is a privilege?? Help me understand this Senator. I implore you.

You’re our man in Washington and we are counting on you to do what’s right for the American People first.

As a young man, every family we knew had firearms. Deer hunting rifles and .22’s for plinking. Great American fun. Almost nobody had handguns (if they did it was a revolver or grandpa’s .45 auto from the war) and not one person had an AR15. Now it’s easier to buy a semi-auto handgun with a 15 round magazine or an AR15 than it is to get a driver’s license. While I of course oppose an all-out ban on military-type weapons, here are some tasks for you that will help: STOP accepting blood money from the NRA as you are now beholden to them instead of us. STOP the sale of high-capacity firearms, designed specifically to kill people, between individuals without an FFL transfer. STOP the sale of high capacity magazines. STOP gun show firearms sales without an FFL transfer. STOP the bill pushing through congress to allow the open and free sale of silencers. Will this solve all of our gun-death problems? Of course not, but over time it will certainly help to reduce the problem. Our entire country knows that this is not something that can be fixed overnight but our nearly all of our country supports sensible, effective firearms legislation. We have to start somewhere.

And sir, please don’t mail me another one of your “heartfelt” form-letters written by your staff. I’d rather receive no response at all. I know what you feel that you have to say. I have several of those letters already. The NRA might as well have written them. You’ve got NRA blood money in your pocket right now. The people of Arizona, including me, are asking you to do what you know in your heart is right.

Sincerely, Hunter Bachrach

Hunter Bachrach


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