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Be Fit Fit! Resolution Time!

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

Resolution Time!

I know, I know… it is only mid-October, and her I come, with the big Resolution thingy, normally due to bother us only around the New Year’s…

I’d ask you to reconsider and go for a resolution… right now! Resolutions, small and big, can be made any time of the year and any time of the day.

In fact, the first time I remotely though of running an ultra-marathon, therefore deciding to train for it, was a middle of the night in December! About 3:11AM, to be precise. The least probable time of the year and day/night (back in Canada for me) when you should be even coming up with any sort of resolutions…

You might want to go for a new resolution, or to renew the interest in the existing (and neglected) one. Carefully choose the resolution you want to work on, so you do not open too many resolution-filled Pandora boxes at the same time – a guaranteed way to overwhelm you.

In case of the been-there-done-that-already resolution, reflect on what did not really work. Being aware of what failed you, or what contributed to you failing your resolution, is very helpful. This way, you will know what remains to be worked on/improved.

Specify your goal. Don’t generalize “I want to lose weight” or “I want bigger muscles”. Stick to the more precise: “I want to lose 4 pounds by December 1st” or “I want to gain 2lbs of muscle mass by February 1st”. Then, think of the ways you are going to achieve your goal and of the situations/people/places which would facilitate your success (such as: sticking to fit friends, hiring a trainer, signing up at a gym).

If you feel you start slipping away and failing, redefine your goals. Make yourself accountable, either to yourself (by writing a diary of the food you eat/wine glasses you do not drink/exercises you perform), or to the family, friends and trainers. And to any other folks who are out there to support you.

Within the scope of my offerings at the Be Fit Fit Studio, I have this great service called “You Bite It, You Write It”. It is extremely popular with my clients. Why? Because it makes them reporting to someone knowledgeable with their progress. Within the frame of this service, I ask the clients to note (or take a picture) of everything they bite/drink during the day, for thirty days. And to send me this diary as often as they can/feel like (even after every meal!), for a friendly, extended and quite immediate comment how we can improve the existing habits. Many people choose to snap a picture of the foods they consume, and they would add some description of what is on the plate in case the foods are processed beyond-recognition… I say, don’t take it personally, and here we go… I comment extensively on their eating habits. At the end of the month, they typically love it. They do not feel like they went on any sort of a diet, because they were just adjusting their existing nutritional habits, as we were discussing what could be improved. They learned tons about their eating patterns and about how to improve them, depending on their fitness, health and wellness goals. And they paid only slightly above 300 dollars for the service, i.e. some ten dollars a day.

If you feel your resolution did not catch with you using one strategy (such as: “I will lose weight on my own”), use another strategy the other time around (such as: “I will hire the trainer/wellness consultant”). You know that, if we fail one hundred times, we must try to reach the same goal in the Way #101…

Good luck and keep me posted! I am here for you!

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