Wed, July 17

Our mailbag’s full; readers sound off

Voting no on tax override


I have received my informational pamphlet and read the letters to the editor about the school district overrides, particularly the letter form Ms. Teague.

• She says “teachers will be eliminated.” We need our teachers, they are our most valuable educational asset.

• She says “elective classes will be eliminated – the reason many of our students have for showing up will be gone.” If that is the only reason a student is showing up the real purpose of our educational system needs an overhaul. The extracurricular actives, though good, will not turn the students into our future doctors and attorneys Ms. Teague spoke about.

• She says, “the kids often buy their own supplies.” In the words of Ms. Teague, “this is a no-brainer.” What is wrong with the kids buying their own supplies? It is after all, their education we are talking about. What is wrong with having a class fee for electives such as art, music, and sports to help defray the cost of supplies, etc. for the class?

As for taxes, I just paid my property taxes. $175 for school equalization, $795 for Cottonwood Oak Creek SD #6, $723 for Mingus Union High School #4, and $715 for Yavapai Community College (which will go to Prescott).

And all I have noticed is a nice face-lift on the parking lot and tennis court and an additional two to three pages added to the paper devoted to high school sports.

Education is not free. We all need to pay our share, from the tax payer to the student. The override tax has been in existence since the mid-80s, it is time for the school board to search for other avenues for funding and quit depending on the tax payer to bail them out.

This is an existing tax based on the net assessed valuation of our property. If the value goes up, so does the tax. 10 percent is 10 percent. I will be voting no on the override tax extensions.

Evelyn Larose


Every knee shall bow before him


As we sit and wonder about the storms and killings in Las Vegas. Why the storms that ruin buildings and take lives? Why the killings that took lives and wounded hundreds?

There is a man called Jesus that died on a cross for every one of us.

I know He could have stopped all the storms and killings in Nevada. Why didn’t he do this? A book called The Bible explains that these things will happen and get worse!

There were wars and killings in the beginning of the Earth. We are seeing things that will happen in the future.

I feel a revival will have to come for things to change.

Things were different in the 60s and 70s. We saw the churches full of people. No what I hear there is that only about 7 percent of the population goes to church.

The Bible will come to what it says will come in the future.

We need to see the churches full again every Sunday.

The Bible says every knee shall bow down on knees before him.

We the people can control the future for the children.

Church and Jesus is the answer.

Lavone Turnipseed

Camp Verde

Override our chance to do what state lawmakers will not


Another opportunity is here for us as voters to decide what is best for our MUHS students. The override can be seen from many points of view, but the investments we make in our education system provide for our MUHS students what our Arizona State Government fails to do.

Our citizens are the foundation of our educational system and only you can decide what is right.

Anthony Lozano

Mingus Union High School District Governing Board Member

Cottonwood water rates, policies are unfair


We’ve all read in the “Editor” section a letter written by one of your readers.

It seems your writer is of a much higher income than most water users.

It is certainly very expensive to most water users - $75 a month is most certainly high. He evidently does not live on a low income as most seniors do or many other Verde Valley residents.

The city really messed up on their new water facilities for Cottonwood. Let those drawing $170,000 a year salaries pay for their goof up.

Also, do not charge those living outside the city limits. We’re already being charged more than the City of Cottonwood and we do not have anything to do with their new water facilities. Or sewer plants.

Consider many living in this valley only make $10 to $15 an hour.

Most live on $2,000 a month or less. Take that $24,000 a year minus taxes. Compare that to their $170,000 a year salaries. Also, most older citizens live far below $2,000 a month – Come on – Let’s get real. $75 a month is way too much, especially when many do not even use the minimum.

Many cities also include garbage service in their water bills for less.

How about cutting water rates for those living outside the city to what those living in the city pay?

Jo Wakefield

Verde Village

No on another school district override


No. No on another school district override. Mingus, you need to live within a budget as the rest of us have to. In answer to your yes, yes for yet another override. In your letter to the paper you brag about getting overrides since 1985. It is pretty sad when a school does not operate within a budget for 32 years.

The story is the same every year. I’ve never lived in a school district that gets overrides over and over. Maybe one in 20 years or so and only for one year. Where is the money spent? Does it go to teachers or higher-ups or to non-educational activities. Tax payers money should go to educational classes.

It seems in today’s paper that you are asking for an override for Maintenance and Operations. A few years ago Mingus had many students who left the school district; so that should take care of the smaller class sizes.

It was listed in Sunday’s paper that many elective and alternative programs that could be done as they are not educational. Nine to be exact.

Maybe you should quit talking and get consolidation done.

It seems as the school is more interested in sports and extracurricular actives than they are in education.

We don’t see much in the paper about education weekly, but two-four pages on sports. I realize football, basketball, and baseball are pretty essential to a school, but all others should be able to be handled by PE teachers.

You might mention in the paper what principals, superintendents, and board members get paid as well as teachers. I’m sure it’s well above what others in this community get paid. I’m sure maintenance and operations get paid less to what all the rest get paid!

Most seniors who are on Social Security get $1,200 -$1,500 a month and are barely scraping by with no cost of living increase for eight years and the cost of insurance has gone through the roof along with medications, groceries, clothing, utilities. They’ve had to adjust.

Let’s get real. Vote no, no, no on another override for the schools! I’ve heard the teachers are not getting raises so where does our tax money go? Maybe someone should teach on how to live within a budget!

Vote no. No.

Joanna Wakefield

Verde Village

So many to thank for new life for Clark Memorial Library


Well, Friends of Clark Memorial Library got most of those 6,500-plus books out where book lovers could browse them. The several hundred library supporters who came to celebrate CML’s re-opening bought enough to call this the most successful book sale CML has ever had. And as I’ve been saying all along, FCML owes this success to the involvement of the Verde Valley’s entire community of library caretakers and patrons.

But at this moment, I’d like to thank the individuals and institutions that contributed time, talent, and material as well as books.

FCML is especially grateful to long-time Clarkdale volunteers Carol Cain and Jenny Emminger, who found time in their busy schedules to help ready those books for sale, get word of the event out, and sell books for three days. Their enthusiasm and expertise were invaluable.

We also couldn’t have transported some four tons of reading material to the Clubhouse overnight without Phil Tovrea’s trailer and Larry Strubhar to pull it up the hill. And thanks, as well, to all who assembled at 7 a.m. on Thursday to haul cartons out of the trailer, set up the tables, keep them filled, and take it all down the next morning.

We were honored by all the local artists who added memorable moments: Thanks to Mingus Drama & Choir Director James Ball, the Mingus Union Honors Choir uplifted the ceremony with an exceptional National Anthem. No one will forget the uncontrollable urge to dance to Tommy “Rocks” Anderson and his unique Jerome Ukulele Orchestra’s medleys.

Thanks also to Artist-author Ann Metlay and music instructor Cynthia Strom for providing CML patrons with the first Meet the Author and Children’s Music & Movement programs they’ve enjoyed in years. And to Cartoonist Michael Gallagher, who surprised us with Cartoon & Comics talents we didn’t know we possessed until he coaxed them out.

We were equally thrilled when Clarkdale-Jerome Second-graders marched into the opening ceremony with pro-reading signs behind the Cornville American Legion Color Guard. Thank you, Danny Brown, CJSD Superintendent, for arranging this demonstration of solidarity between Clarkdale’s school and library. And thank you, Color Guard Captain John Maddox, for providing a fitting escort.

We’re also indebted to the Verde Canyon Railroad for donating the ice cream and to Safeway for the birthday cake we promised attendees.

And it almost goes without saying that FCML members were struck speechless when the Master of Ceremonies, YCFLD Director Corey Christians, announced that Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club President David Andrews had brought us a check for $3,500. Wow! Thanks, Lions!

However, the Library District’s contributions to our joyous event aren’t as obvious. Beyond resurrecting Clarkdale’s library under District management and bringing us Library Coordinator Jeff King, Director Christians, Assistant Director & County Librarian Susan Lapis, and the District staff worked overtime to re-open CML on October 19th, staff the library at odd hours, and help promote our Re-opening Book Sale. The Clarkdale Town Staff and Council, especially Supervisor Joni Westcott and Councilman Richard Dehnert, were there for us, too.

Thank you all for a fantastic beginning of a new era in Clark Memorial Library’s 90-year history.

Jimmy Salmon

President, FCML

Jerome Lions Club stepped up to help Clark Memorial Library


A heart-felt shout-out to the Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club for their generosity in the $3,500 gift to the Friends of Clark Memorial Library (FCML).

As a member of the FCML board, I speak for all of us in thanking you, The Lions, not only for this contribution, but for your tireless, selfless efforts to our Jerome-Clarkdale community over the many years. It is with a deep sense of appreciation, humility and responsibility that we, FCML, will carry on the legacy you have set in service to our neighborhoods. Again, our most grateful thanks Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club!

Dr. Phil Dirksen


How about bemoaning the politicizing on both sides


I am tired of the “Trumpers” defending their president for precisely the same thing they castigate others for doing. A recent frequent Trump apologist wrote in to lash out at Rep. Frederica Wilson for politicizing the statement their president made to the parents of a fallen soldier, while at the same time ignoring the fact that Trump, again displaying his insecurities and need for approval, politicized the event first by stating that he was the only president that called and wrote parents who lost sons or daughters in combat, thereby widening the political divide.

A better tactic would be to bemoan the politicizing on both sides.

But that would mean acknowledging Trump did something wrong, and we all know that would be admitting their ‘chosen one’ doesn’t walk on water.

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek