Sun, Jan. 19

Letter: Roundabout coverage sounds like ADOT propaganda


In response to your recent coverage and editorial about the roundabouts on AZ 260, most of your information sounds like ADOT trying to sell roundabouts to the public.

If you have ever lived where roundabouts are frequently installed and a problem, you would not agree with the propaganda that ADOT is selling.

The reason most people wanted four lanes between Camp Verde and Cottonwood was to ease the constant congestion on the highway caused by the slow drivers and big-rig trucks.

All the roundabouts will do is increase that congestion, cause more accidents to happen and increase the number of road rage cases and accidents.

I guarantee you that the average speed between Cottonwood and Camp Verde will drop to less than the present posted speeds of 55 MPH. I will be greatly surprised if the average speed is higher than 35 MPH. Especially since they will have seven roundabouts less than 1 mile apart. Drivers will just about get up to speed when they will have to slow down or stop for the next roundabout or they will try to race other cars to get there first.

What should have been designed and built for the portion of Hwy 260 between Camp Verde and Cottonwood is the same type of highway that was built for the improvements to Highway 89A between Cottonwood and Sedona a couple of years ago. They have dedicated turn lanes for all the various turn-offs that are on the highway.

If all the roundabouts planned by ADOT are the same size as the one at HWY 260 and I-17 there will be accidents involving big-rig trucks and other vehicles. You can already see the time marks on the highway and roundabout shoulders where big-rig and large trucks cut the shoulder of the roundabout because it is too small for them to use.

That plus you have to be careful if someone is making a U turn and decides to go to Burger King or Industrial Blvd. and cuts you off when he pulls right in front of you.

I have personally witnessed a couple of close calls while traveling through it.

Brian B Coley

Camp Verde

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