Wed, Oct. 16

Editorial: Chamber property could be crucial piece of 89A-260 redesign

VVNVyto Starinksas

VVNVyto Starinksas

Timing is everything.

That old adage especially applies right now with the prospect of a redesign of the SR 89A and SR 260 intersection in Cottonwood.

Cottonwood is pushing to have the overburdened 89A-260 intersection ranked as the top regional transportation priority for an upcoming infrastructure bill Congressman Tom O’Halleran is working on.

Fortunately, Rep. O’Halleran is a local. He knows the Verde Valley as well as anyone. He obviously is keenly aware of the problems with, and importance of, the 89A-260 highway crossing.

And, hopefully, he’s also in the know that the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce has vacated its former premises at that busy intersection.

The chamber property is currently in escrow. No one should expect the chamber to wait to sell the property because of what state transportation planners might do. Nor should the chamber expect to receive anything other than full market value for the property, no matter who buys it.

If state transportation planners are seriously considering a redesign of that intersection, they have to realize that the chamber property has to be worked into those plans.

Having the property sell to a new owner will only complicate those plans.

If the city and Arizona Department of Transportation are indeed serious about a new-and-improved 260-89A intersection, they need to get on the phone with the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce and start talking.

This is clearly one instance where the slow moving wheels of government need to be greased.

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