Tue, June 25

CCFMA responds to I-17 hazmat call

CAMP VERDE – Around 9:37 p.m. Wednesday, Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority responded to a semi and fuel tanker-type trailer that was actively leaking unleaded fuel from the trailer.

Arizona Department of Public Safety and Arizona Department of Transportation were also on scene.

Emergency crews arrived on scene to find a semi and fuel tanker-type trailer in the truck pullout on I-17 northbound at milepost 280, according to a news release from CCFMA. The trailer tank was actively leaking fuel with approximately 5-7 gallons of product on the asphalt. The driver of the semi was containing most of the fuel in buckets and had contained the spill to a small area with absorbent materials that is kept on their trucks.

Emergency crews parked up hill and up wind, and pulled 1 ¾ hose lines for fire extinguishment if needed, according to the release. The immediate area was metered using combustible gas meters to look for flammable atmospheric conditions in the area. Only readings found were at the area of the spill. After assessing the situation, it was found that there was about a four-inch long crack in one of the welds at one of the bulk heads on the trailer, said CCFMA.

A patch was made of a plugging material know as plug and dike. The patch stopped the leak until the tanker could be off loaded of its fuel to another fuel tanker. The fuel spill was contained to the roadway with no fuel spilling or leaking into any soil or right of way. Clean up crews were dispatched to the scene. CCFMA crews remained on scene for approximately 5 ½ hours. There were no reported injuries to the driver or emergency crews during this incident.