Thu, April 09

Letter: More roundabouts add up to more problems for Verde Valley drivers


This comes as a follow-up to Mr. Coley’s “letter to the editor” dated Sept 6th, 2017.

I would agree with Mr. Coley, it does seem like ADOT is in the market for selling roundabouts. They couldn’t come in and just improve Hwy 260 with the same divided four lanes like 89A between Cottonwood and Sedona.

They have added a huge amount of money to the project by adding all these unnecessary roundabouts, not to speak about taking out a stop light that is fully functional.

Think about all the different roads that ADOT could have fixed with the extra amount of money that was spent on each roundabout.

They say that roundabouts are supposed to improve traffic flow, how does a huge piece of concrete sitting in the middle of the roadway improve traffic flow? Nobody here knows how to use them so everyone stops, now you have major congestion X7. Congratulations ADOT, you have just added more travel time, possible road rage along with accidents on Hwy 260 when its all said and done.

But that’s OK, we know you live down in Phoenix and won’t have to deal with all the upcoming traffic issues.

All it takes is for one accident in one of the roundabouts and Hwy 260 will come to a stand still. How are you supposed to pull over to the side in a roundabout? At least in a regular intersection traffic can slowly move on. What about Fire and Sheriff emergency’s, how are they supposed to get though if traffic stops … X7? ADOT just added time and frustration to their calls as well.

I was talking with someone who lived over in the UK for 7 years and he told me that … yes they have roundabouts there but you never hear of all the daily accidents in them, some fender benders and some serious. What about the potential new businesses that might want to open up shop, we’ve all heard “Location..Location..Location” before.

No business will want to open between roundabouts and then tell there customers in order to get here you need to pass us then go a 1/4 mile turnaround and come back, then when you leave you need to do the same thing. Clarkdale is good example…no left turn lanes.

All the people who live in Jerome, Clarkdale, Camp Verde and Cottonwood ever wanted was to have Hwy 260 improved so they could get from the Verde Valley to I-17 or via versa faster.

Now we will have 12 problems to deal with in the Verde Valley on a daily basis.

John Zemke


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