Tue, July 23

New Mingus business manager will not split time with Sedona Oak Creek

Lynn Leonard

Lynn Leonard

COTTONWOOD – Though its possible that Sedona Oak Creek Unified could enter into a shared services agreement with Mingus Union to replace retiring Superintendent Dave Lykins, its no longer possible that the two districts will share a business manager.

Friday, new Mingus Union Business Manager Lynn Leonard told Lykins, Sedona-Oak Creek Board President Randy Hawley and Mingus Union Superintendent Dr. Penny Hargrove that she would like to work at the one district – Mingus Union.

“After careful consideration I have decided not to pursue [the] option [of working for both districts,” says Leonard, who has been Sedona-Oak Creek’s business manager for the past year. “I am very much looking forward to working at Mingus, and although the idea of continuing to support Sedona was intriguing, I really believe I would be doing both districts a disservice.”

Though her first official day at Mingus Union is scheduled to be Sept. 21, she still plans to help with Sedona-Oak Creek’s transition to find her replacement, Lykins said.

“Lynn and I will work out a transition plan that revolves around the support the SOCUSD needs in selecting, hiring and transitioning the new candidate for success as the Finance Director for the SOCUSD,” Lykins said.

Leonard said that she will continue to work at Sedona-Oak Creek Unified one day each week until the district’s new finance director is “up and running.”

“The day will vary based on need and my schedule at Mingus,” Leonard said. “Both Districts are providing flexibility during the transition.”