Fri, Dec. 06

Camp Verde volleyball falls to Northland Prep at home

Camp Verde senior Jade Oium serves during the Cowboys’ 3-0 loss to Northland Prep on Tuesday night. (VVN/James Kelley)

Camp Verde senior Jade Oium serves during the Cowboys’ 3-0 loss to Northland Prep on Tuesday night. (VVN/James Kelley)

On Tuesday night at home, Camp Verde High volleyball dropped its fifth straight match.

The Cowboys lost 3-0 to Northland Prep to open region play. It is Camp Verde’s fourth straight set loss in a row.

Camp Verde head volleyball coach Britney Armstrong the Cowboys had issues with their attitude and missing key serves.

“The first thing I asked the girls was ‘what do you think happened tonight?’ and so we had a couple different things thrown out there,” Armstrong said. “Some was ‘attitude,’ which is something that we’re always focusing on and just to constantly stay up and stay positive and not get down, so that was one area that the girls felt struggled a little bit (Tuesday) night. Missing really key serves, so you know when we get possession of the ball back and we have a chance to kinda pull ahead again, we missed the served.”

The Cowboys were missing senior setter Allysa Matthias.

Armstrong said she thought the Cowboys were not focusing on the first play.

“So for instance on serve-receive I feel like they’re rushing it, trying to think about ‘oh we got to set it up and we gotta hit it’ and not focusing on ‘hey, we just gotta make the pass first,’” Armstrong said. “So I talked to them tonight about ‘hey, we just gotta focus on one play at a time,’ so I think that’s kinda what happened tonight, was a combination of all of those things and they’re a really great team, Northland Prep’s a great team.”

The Spartans have won three straight matches in a row, dropping only one set during that span.

Armstrong said the Cowboys have been inconsistent, showing moments of greatness that was cancelled out but poor play.

Camp Verde hasn’t won since taking fourth at the 7th Annual Spartan Classic in Ash Fork earlier this month.

“So we’re really trying to work on just being consistent with our play and with our attitudes and everything, so it’s been inconsistent since Ash Fork,” Armstrong said.

Up next for the Cowboys is the PCDS Desert Classic in Phoenix this weekend. Their next home match is Sept. 27 against Chino Valley at 6 p.m.

Despite the streak, Armstrong said the Cowboys are getting better.

“I said ‘are we getting better? Do we still feel like we’re getting better?’ and they all said ‘yes, we are,’” Armstrong said. “So our last game that we played we just got killed on tips. Our coverage was terrible and (Tuesday) night we were there for our coverage, so they are getting better in a lot of areas. Even though we’re still struggling with attitude, I’m seeing more of an effort of girls really trying to stay positive and stuff.”

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