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Tanner dominates for Mingus boys golf, who fall to Flag

Mingus Union’s Justin Tanner hits his tee shot as they played the Kingman and Prescott High Schools at Antelope Hills Golf Course in Prescott Tuesday, September 5.  (Les Stukenberg/Courier)

Mingus Union’s Justin Tanner hits his tee shot as they played the Kingman and Prescott High Schools at Antelope Hills Golf Course in Prescott Tuesday, September 5. (Les Stukenberg/Courier)

Mingus Union gentleman’s golf finished second to Flagstaff on Tuesday but Marauder junior Justin Tanner shined.

Flagstaff (+37) beat Mingus Union (+57) and Bradshaw Mountain (+74) in a match hosted by the Marauders at Oakcreek Country Club in Sedona.

However, Tanner first, +3, which was three stokes ahead of Jake Davison of Flagstaff.

“Well we struggled (Tuesday),” said Mingus head coach Craig Mai. “Individually Justin Tanner played fantastic. He ended up shooting 39, 3 over. He won the match by three strokes, which is really unheard for somebody to win by three strokes, so he played really well (Tuesday), not just for us but for all the schools there. That was unfortunately the one bright spot was just (Tuesday).”

Tanner said it’s the first match of the season that he had played that well.

“For me it went pretty good, I shot three over I got first out of everybody that day,” Tanner said.

Two Eagles finished behind Tanner, then Flagstaff’s Jarret Herbel, Bradshaw Mountain’s Bryce Preston and fellow Eagle Marcus Crowther tied for fourth. Mingus Union’s Tyre Kim (+13) and Ethan Brogdon (+14) finished seventh and eighth respectively.

“The rest of the team just really struggled, we talked about here at the beginning of practice is that we’re just making too many big numbers,” Mai said. “We need to find a way when we get ourselves in trouble to get ourselves out of trouble, give ourselves a chance to make a bogey, par if you’re lucky but just find a way to make a bogey because bogeys aren’t going to hurt us. There’s too many double and triple bogeys.”

Marauders Braden Munday (+27) finished 12th and Cameron Machek (+29) finished 12th and 13th.

“We’ve had a rough last two weeks,” Mai said. “We haven’t really been playing up to our abilities. So we’re disappointed, we talked about it, so hopefully we found a few things that we can work on to try to get back to playing where we’re capable of, hopefully.”

The match was at Oakcreek Country Club, instead of the Marauders’ usual home course Verde Santa Fe in Cornville because Verde Santa Fe was originally going to be close the last two weeks of September to do over seeding. However they decided to do minor work.

The match remained at Oakcreek Country Club after the change, something Mai liked.

“They were very generous over there, so it was great for us to be able to play that course,” Mai said.

He said the Marauders practiced there earlier this year and they’ve played there before.

“It’s new from the stand point that we don’t get to play there everyday but we can’t use the excuse that we’ve never seen the course and so that was not our problem (Tuesday) (laughs) unfortunately,” Mai said.

Tanner said he’s played there, which “definitely” helped him. He said it was a little windy on Tuesday but not too bad.

“I’ve played their quite a bit actually, over the years,” Tanner said.

On Monday at 3 p.m. at Oakcreek Country Club, Mingus ladies golf will host its first ever home match when Prescott and Page come to Verde Valley.

Up next for the gentlemen is a match in Flagstaff against the Eagles and Anthem Prep. Their next home match is Oct. 5.

Tanner said the next six matches are very important for the Marauders as they will determine if they make back to the state tournament.

Mai said the Marauders need to have confidence.

“In the game of golf there is really only probably a minute and a half to two minutes of actual action time of in the process of hitting the golf ball,” Mai said. “The rest of it is all between your ears and so you’ve got to practice that positive self talk out there because it’s easy to get down on yourself and get negative. And if you have those negative thoughts, it’s going to carry over to your next swing.”

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