Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: 1st Amendment allows pro football players to make fools of themselves


I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about the NFL and them not saluting the flag and I understand the concerns that is disrespectful to our troops and to our people that defended our nation.

It is frusturating that people won’t respect our country and should be grateful for the rights and the freedoms that are provided. To solve this issue people in sports need to stop being political on the field and play the game that people love to watch and be fans of.

At the same time, if you want to be a fool on the field during the National Anthem then that becomes your choice and you’ll look like a fool, but that is why our people who have fought for our country put up with since it is a freedom of choice and that is a 1st Amendment right that is given to us as Americans.

If some players in the NFL do not want to show proper respect for our flag and Nastional Anthem, then it’s their foolish choice but the 1st Amendment protects them just like the rights protect the owners knowing what they can do to their organization as well. Cut the politics out and focus on the great game of the NFL. Let’s enjoy fall watching football with people and just get along this fall season.

Derek D’Avignon


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