Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: There was time when pro athletes left playing field to fight for our country


Following President Trump’s criticism of the football players disrespecting our flag and country, the number of players protesting increased. Most of them weren’t involved in showing “unity” prior to this.

What misguided idea makes them demonstrate their dislike for President Trump by showing disrespect for our flag and country? The proper place for expressing this dislike is on the election ballot.

Most of these players were born with a God-given talent that they did nothing to earn. They’ve been able to use this talent to get a free college education and make millions of dollars in a short career. Where else would this be possible but in the United States?

While enjoying all this fame and fortune they disrespect the people who risked life and limb to ensure a place where this is possible. Hopefully it is due to ignorance of our history. I hate to think they’re so selfish that they have no gratitude or respect for the sacrifices made by others.

What a change in a few generations! When I was growing up during WWII and the Korean Conflict many famous athletes left the ball parks, gave up peak earning years in their careers, and went to serve their country. I can’t imagine any of today’s cry baby athletes doing that. Leave that to someone less worthy!

It’s a shame that the TV networks give them the attention their egos demand. We need to show our disrespect by ignoring the players, networks and sponsors with our time and money.

Jerry Joels