Wed, June 26

Mingus approves formation of consolidation advisory committee

COTTONWOOD -- The Mingus Union School Board approved the formation of a consolidation committee during its regular Tuesday meeting. Membership of the board is still up in the air.

The board discussed ideas of potentially having members from the Mingus Board, members from the Cottonwood-Oak Creek board, parents and stakeholders on the consolidation advisory committee.

“How large do we want this committee to be?” asked Board Member Anthony Lozano.

Other board members said they anticipated the consolidation committee would be about seven to nine members.

Board member Steve Gesell said he favored less board involvement and a smaller committee. Board Member James Ledbetter, who participated telephonically, suggested that a member of the school board meet with the Cottonwood-Oak Creek board to determine the members of the consolidation committee. The board agreed.

“We should not have conversations behind closed doors,” said Gesell, in reference to open meeting laws.

Ledbetter made a motion to form a consolidation committee that was unanimously approved.

Mingus Board discusses cell tower agreement

The Mingus Union School Board discussed on ongoing lease for a cell tower at the high school during their Tuesday regular meeting.

While the lease had previously been approved by the board two years ago, the vendor has changed, requiring new approval from Mingus

The cell tower is proposed to look like a 10-foot evergreen tree and will be placed near the tennis courts.

The cost of the first year lease was $15,000 and will increase the following year.

Board member James Ledbetter, who spoke at the meeting telephonically, suggested that the board ensure that the cell tower lease was still acceptable for the current industry rate. It was agreed that the board should look into the pricing.