Mon, Oct. 21

Letter: City of Cottonwood tax burden lowest in Yavapai County


In regards to Carol Anne Teague’s letter to the editor in the Verde Independent on September 29th, I want to confirm that the City of Cottonwood and the school districts are separate governmental agencies with their own funding sources, budgets and governing boards.

There is no connection other than a very positive working relationship between the districts and the city to keep our kids safe and to support our schools in providing the best education possible.

In regards to city taxes, our citizens should also know that if you live in the city the tax burden imposed by the city is the lowest in the county. The city has a 3-percent sales tax which supports all city services. There is no city property tax or any special district taxes.

For those that live outside the city boundaries, you most likely pay extra property taxes for fire services and other special district taxes that have no affiliation with the City of Cottonwood.

I would encourage people who have questions about the city to contact us and let us provide you with the correct information about city services and budgets. Please don’t rely on rumor and innuendo to arrive at decisions or perceptions that could negatively affect the future of our city.

Doug Bartosh

City Manager

City of Cottonwood

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