Sun, Aug. 18

Camp Verde may purchase old Circle K property
Would allow town to demolish building, improve traffic flow

— The day that Camp Verdeans finally celebrated their new 5,811-square-foot Circle K, the longtime Circle K at the Main Street Y closed its doors for the last time.

Wednesday, the Camp Verde Town Council could agree to bid on the two parcels that house the old Circle K.

In a 6 p.m. executive session, council will consider making an offer to purchase parcel 404-28-007A at 24 W. Finnie Flat Road and 404-28-007B located at 250 S. Main St.

Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin said Monday that he has been “in contact” with the property’s owner.

“They reached out to us,” the Town manager said. “Now we want to make sure we make an offer that’s reasonable.”

Martin said that the Town’s interest in purchasing the old Circle K property is not for retail, but an opportunity to rework the Y intersection “for a better traffic flow.” This would likely mean the demolition of the old Circle K, Martin said.

Despite rumors the past several years that the Y would be remodeled with a traffic circle, Martin also said that the Town would not build a roundabout at the intersection.

At this time, the Town is looking at options at the Y intersection including a “teed-up intersection.”

Following the executive session, council would hold its regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30 p.m.

The Camp Verde Town Council will meet in council chambers, located at 473 S. Main St., Suite 106.

A copy of both April 4 agendas can be found at

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