Tue, July 23

Clarkdale Magistrate Court to consolidate with Verde Valley Justice Court

Gayle Mabery

Gayle Mabery

CLARKDALE – The Clarkdale Town Council directed Town Manager Gayle Mabery to move forward with co-locating the Clarkdale Magistrate Court with the Verde Valley Justice Court at the March 27 regular meeting.

“The current facilities at the Clarkdale Magistrate Court are no longer adequate to meet the demands of a growing case volume, and are not in compliance with the Arizona Supreme Court’s newest requirements for court safety,” a staff report from the March 27 council meeting stated.

The report also noted if the council elected to keep a court in Clarkdale, upgrades to the current building or a new facility would need to be considered.

Council unanimously voted to consolidate with Verde Valley Justice Court.

Mabery and Yavapai County Administrator Phil Bourdon will draft the terms of a contract between the town and county. The goal is to move Clarkdale’s court to the Justice Court facility at 10 S. 6th St. on July 1 in Cottonwood. Judge William Lundy will serve as the town’s magistrate.

The Town of Clarkdale contracted with Verde Valley Justice until December 1990, according to Mabery. The town has shared services through the co-location model before, but was not considered a true consolidation.