Letter: No gun law will keep bad guys from getting guns


We can’t pass enough gun laws to get rid of evil. Responsible gun owners will remain responsible, and the bad guys will still buy guns from other bad guys.That isn’t going to change with more laws.

Maybe state money could be spent on getting the killing videos out of the hands of kids. The games that get you more points if you”kill more people” in the games.

Maybe state money could be spent on teaching and supporting parents so they can learn how to instill respect for human life and respect for authority in their kids. Teaching the kids to have a moral compass. The three “R”s need to be taught at home and at school

Respect for yourself.

Respect for others.

Responsibility for your actions and choices.

Dee Whitt

Camp Verde


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Pfalbo 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Maybe so, Dee.

Similarly, the laws restricting the age of acquisition, describing the operation of, or requiring proof of ownership of cars prevent deaths in auto accidents.

Regardless, laws exist: Title; License and registration; Stop lights and signs; Mandatory seatbelts; Speed limits; Driver's Licenses/age restrictions; Mandatory insurances; Mandatory Safety features; Annual inspections...

Why laws?

If one child dies in an amusement park accident, nationwide there will be instantaneous response from public agencies demanding new safety features to prevent such calamity.

Laws will be passed.

Let a bridge collapses killing bystanders, City Building Codes nationwide will be reviewed and updated to make more safe construction means, methods and techniques.

Laws will be passed.

In almost every instance of what is seen as a preventable cause of death, governing agencies will move to implement laws or procedures to reduce the chance of that happening again.

Following your "logic," why regulate anything only because it just might, maybe, possibly, cause someone's death?

What is clear to me, since guns are the only thing we"can't do anything about," is that for many, guns are absolutely more important than Life.

Thoughts and prayers for the soon to be mass murdered.


BillBassett 11 months, 2 weeks ago

There is an old cliché used when one disaproves of another's activity. "Why there oughta be a law." If fact, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that you, Dee Whitt, have uttered that phrase or something like it when you witness anything from wreckless behavior to rude or discourteous service. Yeah...right. There oughta be a law. But you know what? The thing about any law is that breaking it carries with it consequences. One could argue that the death penalty does not deter murderers from committing the act of murder. OK. Yes a few do, but there is no way to calculate how many angry murderous people were held back by the knowledge that they in turn could die. We shall never know. As for laws making it hard to obtain firearms? Of course, they can be overcome but at what cost? Forcing a depressed person to wait a few days before committing suicide or preventing an enraged spouse from purchasing a gun on impulse does not affect the legitimate hunter or target shooter from enjoying their sport. True, banning a certain style of weapon may not eliminate them from society but it could make them too expensive.