Sat, Jan. 18

Letter: With tensions building, Congress must take back its power to declare war


In February, John Bolton, our new National Security Advisor, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he believed we should strike North Korea first as they are an imminent threat to our security.

A war with North Korea would be a war without any winners. Millions of lives should not be risked ‘just in case’. I think most of us can agree that diplomacy should always be the first step.

We are living in dangerous times with emotional, unpredictable men at the helm (on both sides). It is more important than ever that Congress re-assert its sole authority granted under the constitution to declare war.

In 2001, the United States implemented the AUMF (The Authorization for Use of Military Force) to give the President the authority to declare war. For the last 17 years, Congress has abdicated its Constitutional duty to declare war to the President and has not repealed the AUMF. There are two bills pending that seek to repeal the AUMF, one in the House, #4837 and #2047 in the Senate.

None of our representatives in Northern Arizona are co-sponsors of these bills. I am calling for Representatives Tom O’Halleran and Paul Gosar to co-sponsor and vote House Bill #4837 and for Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to co-sponsor and vote for Senate Bill #2047.

With tensions building, Congress must take back its power to declare war. Please call or write your representatives and tell them to stop ducking their constitutional responsibility.

Lori Rubenstein


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