Sun, Sept. 15

Letter: Never under estimate fire power of the underdog


I would like to comment on the letter from Bob Burke in the April 13th edition, regarding gun control. It’s a very well-written and thought-out letter, but I have to take exception to his comment that an armed citizenry would be helpless against government firepower. History is replete with events where an armed citizenry was able to stand up to vastly superior firepower.

Two cases immediately come to mind: the Vietnam war, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In both cases, the local citizenry was armed with what Mr. Burke would call “pea shooters,” against the two greatest super-powers in the world, but as I recall, both conflicts lasted much more than his “three weeks.” And the results of both are history.

In the early days of WWII, when Germany invaded Poland, six guys with handguns held off the German Wermacht for several days, allowing hundreds to escape the horrors of the death camps.

I also find it interesting that, while Mr. Burke says he wants a quiet and reasonable discussion, in the same letter, he can’t resist the urge to make a disparaging comment about the NRA.

Speaking of the NRA, there a number of people alive today, myself included, because of the training I received from the NRA.

Rick E. Brenfleck

Camp Verde

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