Sun, Dec. 08

Letter: Everyone in Clarkdale knows: ‘It’s happening at Clark Memorial Library’


Another fascinating Clarkdale Home Tour and rousing bank robbery has just graced our fair town. And what a grand day it was.

For once, I viewed the historic homes in the order in which they were intended to be visited -- from a restored, renovated, and expanded once-one-room cabin overlooking the Verde to an always-tony Spanish Colonial Revival bungalow in Upper Town.

The progression from lower Lower Town to accommodations designed for our mining town’s upper class added to appreciation of myriad modern comforts carefully tucked into painstaking restorations. Kudos to the restorers who both preserved and enhanced the individuality of these “company” domiciles so well.

A bonus surprise on this tour, Helen Bartels’s extensively researched presentation on the doctors and pharmacists who presided over Clarkdale’s drugstore was an especially lively delight.

Almost as lively as the bank robbery, which gets more intense and rowdy each year. Our good townsfolk keep this up, they’re likely to become stuck in 1928, and then … who’d run the town, the copper museum, the historical society?

Speaking of the Clarkdale Historical Society, Clark Memorial Library, Friends of Clark Memorial Library, and the Friends Bookstore crew are indebted to CHS President Cindy Emmett for offering us space in the Men’s Lounge from which to promote CML’s latest additions and sell a few books.

The record-breaking crowd at the Ninth Annual tour gave us an unprecedented opportunity to talk-up new services and acquisitions, the return of periodicals, our new Bookstore, our hopes for a seed bank and crafts library, and CML’s plans for an archeology/paleontology-themed reading program to complement other libraries’ “Arizona Rocks” summer program. And Cindy put us right at the door, where everyone stopped to ask where to buy tour tickets. Thanks Cindy! It takes a town effort to revive a historic town library.

Thanks also to CML volunteers Charlotte Hawken, Kathy Ivey, and David Perrell for helping set-up our booth, produce informational materials, and hand them out all day long. Special thanks, as well, to FCML President Jimmy Salmon, who joined us with what FCML has in the works.

Looking forward, CML is soliciting both community input and volunteers to make our new-within-recent-memory Summer Reading Program a memorable and on-going event.

FCML-funded new books and DVDs are due to begin arriving in May. The fourth Art at The Clark exhibition, The Art of Basketry, will open Thursday, May 3. The Friends Bookstore has a Bag-a-bargain book sale coming in June, and volunteers are back out pounding the pavements to make sure everyone in Clarkdale knows “It’s happening at Clark Memorial Library” -- complete with a used bookstore.

All interested in joining or otherwise supporting our efforts, are eagerly invited to come in and talk to Library Coordinator Jeff King, call (928) 634-5423, or email

Therese Hearn


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