Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: Thoroughly disgusted with our current teachers whining about pay


I have always been a strong supporter of education. I taught in public schools for 20 years.

That said, I am thoroughly disgusted with our current teachers whining about pay, and now striking.

Professionals do not behave that way. Teaching has always been a low pay profession. We have always been creative in ways to better educate our youth.

Comparing our per pupil spending against the national average is ridiculous. Our average pay is not any where the national average in any profession.

Our demographics do not support that kind of money.

Even as an educator, I understand that the budget will only go so far. Do we give medical care to our elderly who we have enticed here for decades for their pension monies or do we give early education to needy families?

There is only so much money. Our educators are being selfish, unprofessional, and unrealistic in their actions of strike or no teach.

Fire every danged one that walks! Teaching is a calling. It has never been a profession for great wealth.

It IS a profession of great satisfaction. If you are in teaching for the money, get out now.

Lastly, throwing more money at teachers will not improve their ability. Throwing more money after education in AZ will not improve our status.

Money solves nothing. Pride, ingenuity, and parental involvement WILL improve our schools.

How many times have we’ve seen “We need to let parents know about school closings as no one may be at home during the day.”

And “We need to make sure our children are fed. “ Sounds to me like we have much bigger parental problems than any teacher raise will solve. Let’s work on these parents.

Get them involved in teaching their children, feeding their children and making sure there is child care where necessary.

Teachers striking will certainly not solve the root problem, which is the parents.

Lucinda Parker


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