Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: Mingus board needs to remember who elected them and trust those same voters


I am reaching out to the Mingus Union High School board members to offer some helpful advice in regards to the merger of our local districts.

As a former school board member who has wrestled with the consolidation question, I understand the pressure you are under. I can hear the uncomfortable phone calls you have taken from staff members and community members who you represent. The pressure to make the correct decision for all stake holders regarding the merger of districts must be tremendous, especially for those board members who have developed professional and personal relationships with the Mingus staff through the years.

To the Mingus Board I would ask you to trust the voters to make the correct decision regarding the Consolidation of the MUHS district and COCSD. This route of allowing the voters to decide this question would place the responsibility of the outcome on the voters, not you, the MUHS school board.

The MUHS district and COCSD have placed trust in the voters for many years to make the correct decisions regarding the needs of our students and staff. The voters have consistently said yes to not only M/O overrides but capital Bonds as well for both districts. The Cottonwood-Oak Creek board has already moved to have this Consolidation question put to the voters in the upcoming November election, thank you COCSD board.

MUHS board I ask, do you trust the voters, the same voters who elected you? If so I would humbly ask to see on your next regularly scheduled meeting, an agenda question asking the voters to decide this consolidation question. I for one hope the MUHS board has trust in the voters of the affected districts. If the MUHS board does not allow the voters the opportunity to decide this question it will appear you have no faith or trust in the voters you represent to make the correct decisions for students and staff.

In the next 3-4 years when the current M/O override begins to sunset at MUHS, you will trust us the voters, again to extend what is in place. I hope you will trust the voters with the Consolidation question. Let us all remember the best relationships are based on trust and trust is a two-way street.

Lastly, I would like thank the MUHS board in advance for their anticipated trust of the voters in our districts.

Respectfully with Grace

Eric D. Wyles


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