Sat, Aug. 17

VOCA seeks your involvement to come together as a more fully engaged community

Gwen Hanna, VOCA Board President

Gwen Hanna, VOCA Board President

This is my first message as the incoming president for VOCA. First, a huge thank-you to the people in the community who have offered support and congratulations. Your endorsement is always greatly appreciated.

I am excited to be back working with a capable team of leaders and employees from Golf Operations and HOAMCO. This board will endeavor to support Heather Risk/Robert Walton and their Golf Operations teams, and Deb Brewer and her HOAMCO team, with the opportunities and challenges of their respective functional responsibilities.

We will also be finding ways through ongoing communications and VOCA community involvement, to come together as a more fully engaged community making a difference not just for VOCA but for our Village of Oak Creek. Our Activities Committee has already been active in hosting several events, and would like to thank Irene Abramovich and the Committee for their most recent Wine Tasting and VOCA breakfast events. Please stay tuned for more forthcoming activities.

In the last Board meeting, we dealt with issues of eligibility for board membership, along with questions regarding the definition of lot owner(s)/member(s) as it relates to whether two owners of the same property/lot being eligible to participate as Board or Committee members. Both of these issues have been resolved for the short-term, but it has reinforced our need to do a full review of our governing documents to mitigate the ambiguities and interpretations that prevail.

With the former president’s resignation from the VOCA Board, we are working on filling his vacated position and collecting bio’s and applications from interested VOCA members to serve for a term that lasts until April of 2019. If all goes according to plan, we will be announcing the new board member at our regular Board meeting in August.

Currently, the VOCA Board consists of Jim Kautz—Treasurer, Dee Doyle—Secretary, Jan Lisowski—Vice President, Steve Hertel—Vice President, Cal Wood—Vice President, and me, Gwen Hanna—President.

As always, we look forward to VOCA member feedback and participation and hope to see you at one of our Board or Committee meetings, as well as Activities Committee events.