Mon, July 15

Commentary: We need to hear candidates’ views on wide variety of subjects

Carlie Androus

Carlie Androus

Responding to editorial by Dan Engler on July 28 and a couple of thoughts on the marshal, town manager, etc., living restrictions.

First off, I get that when you ask a question of a candidate at a forum, whether political or otherwise, you are simply trying to get that person’s perspective on a subject, trying to learn how they might think about other things, based on their answer.

Body language says a lot about a person. Secondly the names on posters, signs, etc., say nothing about the person, therefore the need for a forum. In my thinking, it is clearly understood that one cannot believe much that is written in the media, it’s most often slanted to the view of the person writing the article, not stated as facts.

It is widely understood, at least from my thinking, that this is a way to learn the person’s thought process. I believe it is common knowledge that one’s opinions on questions can make/break an election as witnessed by the 2016 Presidential election.

We the people need to know how the people running for office that makes decisions for our town think, otherwise It could be their own agenda that they push. We the people need to know that our candidates have our best interests at heart, again looking back at 2016 and ahead to 2020.

I want to really commend Rob Witt for acting quickly to find another location for the much-needed forum for the people of Camp Verde, after one of the candidates called the church to say this was not a proper place for this forum. Why did that candidate feel the need to contact Parkside and give his opinion on the location not being a suitable place? In this instance, that candidate was simply giving his opinion, and everything changes from the original decision, made by the church “powers that be” to permit the forum. How can/should that be, and from the sounds of it that candidate already knew that he/she was not showing up to answer questions.

Where was the greater good for the people of Camp Verde, trying to get opinions for their questions from prospective candidates.

On to the matter of where the marshal, town manager, etc., not just in Camp Verde, but to any municipality should live. My thought is that is a person in a position to make decisions that affect the citizens of our town, or any other, should absolutely live in the town from where their paycheck is drawn. How can they make sound decisions when they aren’t invested in that town? Why would they have any vote/say-so, etc., about anything that does not affect them directly. If our town isn’t good enough to live in then please don’t expect a paycheck from it.

Carlie Androus is a resident of Camp Verde.