Mon, Feb. 17

Cottonwood Police Dept. neighborhood officers to being ‘walking the beat’

Cottonwood police officers soon will be “walking the beat” in a neighborhood near you to promote two of the department’s signature initiatives, the Neighborhood Officer and Safe Shopper/Safe Community Programs.

Almost two years after their inception, the department will soon showcase another facet of the programs, which is to add a personal touch as officers assigned to a particular neighborhood or zone will personally make contact with residents and business owners reinforcing the benefits of the programs and their goals.

These officers will be “walking the beat” to hand-deliver these trifold brochures that further illustrate these programs and make contact with those most impacted by quality of life issues related to the city.

Within the brochures, you’ll be able to determine what specific neighborhood your residence or business is located in, along with who to contact as your area’s neighborhood officer(s). The officers listed within the brochures have ownership over the particular area where your brochure will be delivered.

Through a written agreement and partnership with business owners and property management, the “Safe Shopper/Safe Community” program is intended to reduce incidents that adversely impact the safety of businesses and/or property as well as their visitors by granting officers the authority to trespass individuals engaged in behaviors you deem as prohibited on your property; specifically loitering and solicitation without the business or property owner’s permission.

“We see this as a collaborative approach to engaging our community, paired with the police department and personalized officers that have a vested interest in helping to ensure the best quality of life is established by all. We know we can’t effectively police without the community’s involvement and assistance. Our community has and will continue to be an integral part of our department’s success,” said Cottonwood Police Patrol Sergeant Gareth Braxton-Johnson.

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