Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Let consolidation question go to the voters


To the voters of MUHS.

It’s time for all us to ask some simple questions about the Mingus Union School Board and their approval to officially proceed with the lawsuit against the Committee for Better Upper Verde Valley Schools. Is this to show us we must all follow the letter of the law? If so is the letter of the law followed by this board?

In the past couple of weeks it appears this lawsuit has split this community more then ever and this is truly a shame.

What ever happened to elected officials listening, hearing and working for all of the people who elected them?

Whatever happened to conversations concerning ideas, solutions and compromises?

What will this lawsuit accomplish? Will it show us who was right or wrong, or will it help bring a community closer or divide us more?

Why do so many communities throughout this country believe in consolidation?

Will there be other lawsuits because you the individual pursue what you believe in, other then what you are told is necessary and must believe?

What if the board were to reallocate the use of these approved funds for this lawsuit for lets say better school equipment, maybe school supplies, bus maintenance or a dozen other things other than a lawsuit.

Remember 1,400 plus signed a partition to be heard. I hope that consolidation vote will be on this year's ballot for the better of this community and for all to have an equal and fair say.

Mike Rabasca


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