Sun, Sept. 15

Letter: Mid-term elections could offer major statement about Trump’s job performance


The stars seem to be aligning for a Democratic uptick in House seats, perhaps control of the House altogether.

Several factors have set up this potential “Blue Wave.” The Putin-Trump meeting was probably the worst performance by a U.S. president in history, causing an outcry from even the usually spineless Republicans. The groveling by a U.S. president to the Russian leader begs the question, what does Russia have on Trump? This gives the Democrats an issue to exploit in November.

Another issue favorable to Democrats is the tax bill recently passed by Congress. Noah Smith at Bloomberg said real wages are down slightly and are getting worse. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not going to pay for itself, something Paul Ryan said it would. This should finally put a nail in the coffin of ‘trickle down economics,” as the profits to large companies is largely going to shareholders not workers. Home prices and interest rates are up while wages are stagnating.

Other issues are the disastrous immigration policy, not well thought out and implemented in the worst manner possible, is unpopular with most of the US population. The corruption and incompetence within the White House staff as exemplified by Scott Pruitt and Omarosa Manigault, who Trump knew for fifteen years was wacky before she was hired, instills confusion and distrust within the White House. Trump’s criteria for serving our country in the White House is “did they say good things about me?”

The Russia investigation, which has Rudy Giuliani and Trump flailing at anything that moves, may prove to be the Velcro that will finally stick to the heretofore Teflon Don. Due to his overt racism, more neo-Nazis and white supremacists are running for office than ever before.

Couple all this with Trump’s ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach, his fascination with dictators who have blood on their hands, his distain for our allies, our FBI, our Intelligence Department, the press, and anyone who disagrees with him makes for a very good chance we can get enough Democrats in the House and perhaps the Senate to finally neutralize this would-be Mussolini and prevent him from doing too much more damage in his remaining two years (or less).

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek

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