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Letter: Have you ever asked yourself ‘why’ Trump is subject of such criticism?


In reply to Michael Westlund’s column in the Aug. 22 Verde Independent/Camp Verde Bugle, I’d like make a couple of points.

I will grant that Trump has received an unprecedented amount of negative criticism ... both from most newspapers in this country and around the world in addition to many if not most TV reporting and reporters as well as most TV commenters and comedians with the possible exception of Fox News and other outlets owned by the same group.

Yes he has. My question to all those like Mr. Westlund is: Haven’t you ever wondered WHY?

I don’t know the age of that writer, but I’m willing to bet I’m older than he is and I’ve been around a long time. I remember the “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline and the only possible reason it would have taken anyone a month to learn the folly of that headline would be if they were virtual hermits and/or had no access to radio or newspapers since it’s error was quickly dispelled.

It’s generally agreed it was written based on polls that indicated Dewey was ahead and the editor jumped the gun to get ahead of an impending strike by newspaper workers to get the headline out early. IT WAS AN ERROR on the part of an editor ... not part of a conspiracy.

What’s happening with all the negative commentary regarding Mr. Trump is not a mistake, nor is it a conspiracy. To compare the combined criticism of so many in virtually all quarters throughout most of the world with the obvious financial gains by the manufactures of fossil fuels like oil and coal is ludicrous. It includes presidential historians, former CIA, FBI & NSA operatives and former REPUBLICAN operatives including many who were prime movers in the GW Bush campaign.

It’s notable also that during the campaign not one of the living former presidents, from both parties, backed Trump’s bid for the presidency. Did you ever wonder why?

Those of us who have known Mr. Trump from our own experiences with him back our New York days knew what he was then and is now: He is truth-challenged, a huckster, an egotist, a braggart and one who doesn’t pay his bills, or, by his own admission ... taxes.

Then there was his unconscionable behavior and reprehensible rhetoric, even during the campaign, which was unbecoming anyone, much less a potential president of the United States ; his name-calling and disrespect for everyone except for his bloated ego and opinion of himself.

To say the media is conspiratorial against him is interesting to me since my feeling has always been that it was the very media that was largely responsible for his election in the first place. During the campaign it was they, the media, that allowed him to consume all the air and time in their coverage of everything he did and said to the exclusion of virtually every other campaign.

Then there are the events since his being in office: Many of his close associates already under indictment; five already tried in courts of law and have pled guilty and are facing jail terms; the unprecedented revolving door of those cabinet members going in and out of the White House; the seemingly never-ending connections to Russia (when have any of us ever witnessed that before?); the appointment to major cabinet positions of those who are incredibly unqualified (to the detriment of the rest of the American citizenry) simply because they were Trump supporters; his distancing himself from any criticism of so many of our former allies throughout the world while praising dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un and others; and last but certainly not least, his documented, continued, manipulation of truth to the public and the media.

The list goes on and on so my own conclusion is this: Trump is what he has always been as outlined above ... and YES, the media and a good portion of the public are critical, but there are legitimate reasons for it.

Again I ask the previous writer and others who share his views; WHY do you think that is? Do you believe everyone has simply been manipulated by the media or can you possibly entertain the notion that most of us, including the media itself, are smart enough to make up our own minds based on our own eye-witnessing of this man and his presidency, have decided he is the most unworthy and disastrous person to ever have occupied that office.

Gail Kennedy


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