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UPDATE: Unofficial results show Charlie German ahead of Jackie Baker by 4 percent in Camp Verde mayoral race
Butner, LeBeau, Whatley lead in race for three council seats

Charles German, Jackie Baker

Charles German, Jackie Baker

CAMP VERDE – According to unofficial results, Charlie German is about 4 percent ahead of Jackie Baker in his quest to remain as mayor of Camp Verde.

With 1,946 mayoral votes counted as of 3:11 a.m. Wednesday, German has 958 votes to Baker’s 875, with write-in candidate Alex Goetting at 113 votes.

Short of the necessary 50 percent plus one additional vote, the incumbent would run against Baker in the Nov. 6 general election.

German said Wednesday he is “pleased” with the results so far, and that the public having choices “is good.”

German also said that both he and Baker “should have an opportunity to voice their positions again.”

As mayor at least until the new council members are seated following the canvas of vote for the Nov. 6 election, German said he “continue[s] to work for the town, as long as the town sees fit for me to be there.”

Baker, German’s opponent in the general election, is currently on the Camp Verde Town Council.

“Jackie is a very kind individual,” German said. “She’s friendly, gets along well with people, and has strong traits to bring her perspective to council.”

Baker said she is “really pleased with all of our candidates” and that the amount of support she received was “very encouraging.”

Baker also said she “would not be opposed” to Mayor German’s suggestion that the candidates express their views in public.

“Charlie is a very knowledgeable person,” said Baker. Though her preferred way of campaigning this election has been to “meet people, and listen to their concerns.”

“I try to do as much of that as I can,” she said. “That’s my plan. But if Charlie would like to have us restate our points, I’m not opposed to that.”

Butner, LeBeau, Whatley lead council election

In the race for Camp Verde’s three open council seats, newcomers Joe Butner and Bill LeBeau and incumbent Robin Whatley are ahead of challengers and former council members Bruce George and Carol German.

With 1,189 votes, Butner has nearly one-quarter of the 4,849 total votes garnered by the five candidates. His 24.52 percent is more than 5 percent ahead than LeBeau and Whatley, 6 percent more than George and almost 7 percent more than former town council member Carol German.

Voting threshold

Each of Camp Verde’s five council candidates met the minimum threshold of votes, according to Camp Verde Deputy Clerk Virginia Jones.

To determine the minimum threshold, divide the total votes by the number of available seats, in this case three council opening. Then divide by two and add one, which determines the 50-percent plus one vote that is necessary to win an election.

That threshold, for the Camp Verde council, is 809, Jones said.

Each of Camp Verde’s five council members reached that threshold, Jones also said. This means that based on the current results, the Camp Verde council election would have been resolved on Aug. 28 with Butner, LeBeau and Whatley having defeated both Bruce George and Carol German, Jones also said.

But Yavapai County’s Elections Office is not finished counting ballots county-wide, said Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman.

Still counting votes

According to Hoffman, election officials still need to count more than 6,000 early ballots that were dropped off on Aug. 28, as well as about 190 provisional ballots that need to be verified, more than 700 ballots that require duplication and more than 3,000 ballots that need to be tabulated.

The 700 ballots that require duplication means that elections officials “look those over to make sure we understood the intent of the voter,” said Karen McCracken, the office’s chief deputy recorder. “It’s a manual process, looking at those ballots.”

In a press release on Thursday, Hoffman stated that results “will continue to be updated daily, including this weekend, as ballots are processed and tabulated."

Hoffman also stated that write-in results “will be available early next week.”

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