Mon, July 15

Through the lens with award-winning photographer Bob Coates at Gallery of Modern Masters

September’s First Friday at Gallery of Modern Masters will feature ‘Lens Based Artist’ Bob Coates. “Coates a long-time award-winning photographer in Sedona has turned his talents to the art world,” said gallery director Calli Monroe.

“Bob brings a new life, energy and depth with his manipulation of images that he describes as Photosynthesis. His layering of textures, light and shadow take photography to an entirely different level.”

When asked about the terminology ‘Lens Based Artist’ and PhotoSynthesis, Coates shared, “I couldn’t find any traditional vocabulary to describe the art I am now creating. As you know, Photo Synthesis as it relates to plants is the chemical change of plants converting the sun’s energy into another form. That is what I am doing with multiple images and techniques I have been perfecting over the last five years or so. The ‘Lens Based Artist’ term comes from the fact that all of my source imagery comes through the lens of a camera. And then the fun begins.”

Coates moved to the Sedona area 20 years ago and has been serving the photography needs in many different areas including wedding, portrait and commercial work. While still serving the commercial market, Coates has turned his attention to the art world creating images that have a totally different look from straight photography. The term that most often comes up is described as a zen feeling to his work.

Gallery of modern Masters will feature Coates’ work for the entire month of September but encourages everyone to come by on Sept. 7 to meet with Coates and share light hors d’oeuvres and wine.

Gallery of Modern Masters is in the Hillside Sedona complex on the lower level. First Friday hours are 5-8 p.m.