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Alex Barber, Hunter Bachrach tied for first in Jerome primary

Alex Barber, Hunter Bachrach. VVN file photos

Alex Barber, Hunter Bachrach. VVN file photos

JEROME – Alex Barber and Hunter Bachrach, both incumbents in Jerome Town Council, tied for first in the Jerome primary for Town Council.

Each received 97 votes or 17.57 percent. Jerome Town Manager Candace Gallagher said traditionally, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes is appointed Mayor.

“I’m not sure how that will play out if that tie stands,” she wrote in an email. “I don’t know if that has happened before.”

The results as of Thursday morning show the following:

• Alex Barber, 97 votes, 17.57%

• Hunter Bachrach, 97 votes 17.57%

• Jack Dillenberg, 86 votes, 15.58%

• Sage Harvey, 78 votes, 14.13%

• Mandy Worth, 72 votes 13.04%

• Frank Vander Horst, 70 votes, 12.68%

• Nicholas Bartell, 49 votes, 8.88%

• Write-In, 3 votes, 0.54%

Jerome Mayor Frank Vander Horst trailed in at sixth place with 70 votes. The results aren’t final yet but if they stand, Vander Horst will be ousted from Town Council.

The measure for staggered terms for town council was also defeated in Jerome with 66 votes for it and 71 against it.

Ben Kramer, Bill Regner top vote in Clarkdale municipal primary

Clarkdale was the first Verde Valley community to declare “unofficial” winners in Tuesday’s municipal primary.

Based on the Unofficial Primary Election Results released by the Yavapai County Elections Department at 3:11 a.m. Wednesday, Clarkdale candidates Benjamin Kramer and William “Bill” Regner were elected outright in the 2018 Primary Election,” Town Clerk Mary Ellen Dunn reported.

Unofficial results, as of Thursday morning, show the following votes cast for each candidate:

• Bill Regner, 442 votes, 29.84%

• Ben Kramer, 435 votes, 29.37%

• Bob Ingulli, 250 votes, 16.88%

• Eileen Sydow, 343 votes, 23.16%

• Write-In, 11 votes.

“With both Clarkdale Town Council seats being elected outright in the Primary Election, there will be no council candidates on the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election ballot,” Dunn reported.

Dunn continued: “It is important to note that these are ‘Unofficial Results,’ and the total votes cast for any candidate may change as the Elections Department ensures that all votes are tabulated.  There are expected to be multiple posts of ‘Unofficial Results’ on the Elections Department’s website as results are updated throughout the night and into the coming days.  Tabulation of votes is not complete until the online results are changed to ‘Unofficial Final.’  This usually takes several days, as the Elections Department works to process Provisional and Conditional Provisional ballots.”


Incumbent Mayor Sandy Moriarty defeated opponents Pete Conrad and Tony Tonsich with 54.10 percent of the vote.

In the race for a four-year seat on the council, Janice Howes Hudson, Scott Jablow and Bill Chisholm came out on top.

In the race for the two-year seat, Jessica Williamson defeated Mike Ward.

Proposition 444, the measure to keep Home Rule in Sedona, passed in the primary with 66.16 percent for it and 33.84 percent against it.

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