Wed, June 26

Letter: Public transportation the answer to local traffic woes


Please forgive my idealism here, but as I continue to hear about traffic woes and a $35 million proposed bridge, I can’t help but wonder why I’m not hearing more talk about public transportation ideas.  I see nothing but benefits to starting such a system. 

Perhaps the empty lot at 179 and Jacks Canyon could be a parking lot and hub for a bus system. 

Even an elaborate system of buses that picks up at a central lot as well as at various hotels would be far more affordable and sustainable than building a new road. 

Various loops of buses could include taking tourists or locals to trailheads, the Chapel, Tlaquepaque, Uptown, and even major stores in West Sedona.  And during large events at Tlaquepaque or in Uptown, there could be more frequent pick-up times. 

Not only would this cut down on traffic and local pollution, it would also cut down on tourists who dangerously swerve into our bike lanes to take photos while driving. 

Signs on the buses could be a great way to promote local businesses and events, as well as a way to inform visitors about safety measures for the area (staying hydrated, etc.)  

Bus riders could sit and enjoy the views, take photos, or be on their phones. 

If promoted and done properly, this could be a great addition to our area and a very real solution to our traffic problem.

Many of us are in the Village because we like the community feel here. Adding a bridge will bring increased property taxes and a major increase in traffic into our quiet residential areas. 

I know this will (pardon the expression) drive many of our current residents away from the Village.  

I realize we do need some sort of solution for the traffic problem.  I realize that I personally don’t know the ins and outs of starting a public transportation system. 

But can’t we at least add it to our list of options and start talking about it?

Robin Fanelli

Village of Oak Creek