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Sedona Pathways, Our Daily Journey: Dec. 12, 2018

Ted Grussing photography, 2018

Ted Grussing photography, 2018

No one really likes waiting in line at the grocery store and some even take naps while waiting for their fresh meat to be delivered to them. Such was the case with this bobcat this afternoon; he was waiting for a gopher to make its appearance. All it would take is a slight noise coming from activity in the gopher hole and our customer would have been ready to take control of the “special order” and finish the day off with a good meal. This was not to be though, and after a while our would be grocery shopper/diner, got up, stretched, and made his way to the other side of the arroyo to seek more compliant food prospects. He is very filled out and has fur as thick as I have ever seen on a bobcat. The gopher lives for another day and for sure the bobcat will be coming back to check on his special order and see if the time is right.

I flew up to the peaks this afternoon and the skiers that were on the top of Humphreys did not take the fast way down … no carving of the snow by skis and it was pristine snow carved only by the wind. Some more neat photos for another day. When I got home I went out with One and she was obviously stalking something as she slinked out of the house … this led me to follow her gaze and there was the bobcat about 40’ off the deck. I hustled One back into the house, grabbed my Nikon D850 and back out the door. The cat let me get within 15 feet and then settled in for the nap whilst waiting for dinner. I got 241 shots and saved 83; not bad. After our well fed friend left, One, came back out with me and completed her hunt.

A very nice day today and methinks tomorrow will be the same … I like having good days so I choose to have one each morning when I wake up … the day I don’t wake, will come, as it does for us all, and then there will be answers to the age old questions we have … or not. Until then, keep breathing, keep smiling and continue to make your day such that others are glad you are here … and yes I am very healthy.



Sleep quietly, now that the gates of the day are closed.

Leave tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow.

The earth is peaceful’ Only the stars are abroad;

and they will not cause you any trouble.

Max Ehrmann