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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: Dec. 14, 2018

Ted Grussing Photography 2018

Ted Grussing Photography 2018

The outing on Lake Pleasant today was one of the funnest days on the water yet … Eric and I spent the whole afternoon exploring areas that seemed promising for wildlife shots and some were better than others, but the last finger of the lake we tried was absolutely phenomenal. A Great Egret let us get within ten feet of him, Blue Herons pretty darn close, a White Pelican provided a lot of entertainment and again we got close; as we were heading back to the launch ramp and the sun was slipping behind the hills, we came on three Harris Hawks and got fabulous shots of them too. Well worth the drive and the engine performed better at lower altitude too.

I took this shot of the White Pelican; when we got a wee bit too close for his comfort level he flew, but instead of having the sun at our backs, he flew directly between the sun and us … this is the shot where he is landing and water spray, backlit by the sun, was going everywhere. More great shots next week, need some rest, friends over in the morning and teaching class in the afternoon.

Looking for some fun Saturday night? Join me at L’ Auberge de Sedona, for some fine food and great music … my friend Anthony Mazzella is playing from 6P to 8P, hope to see you there.

Back Monday morning … the plan! Have a beautiful weekend and focus on the important things … friends … family … breathing!



The mystery of the night!

And our own mystery! Who

knows what we are? No science

has yet grasped us.

The moon … the beautiful, mystical

moon … playing nightly

to empty seats!

Max Ehrmann