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Cottonwood to consider flag banner ban Tuesday

City of Cottonwood courtesy photo

City of Cottonwood courtesy photo

COTTONWOOD -- Cottonwood City Council may approve an amendment to an ordinance that would prohibit flag banner signage Tuesday

The existing code dictates that temporary signs shall be subject to certain provisions. The proposed amendment adds flag banners to the code.

“There shall be no roof signs, signs which are projecting or cantilevered from buildings, banners, or flag banners. Temporary signs shall be subject to the provisions set forth in Subsection G.9.” according to the proposed amendment.

According to the proposed amendment, a flag banner is defined as a “A sign which is constructed of cloth, canvas, or other type of natural or synthetic, lightweight, non-rigid material and supported along one or more sides or at two or more corners by wires, ropes, strings, poles, or other materials or devices that are not fixed or rigid.”

This is in response to what staff said is “excessive” flag banners that have “proliferated” the city.

“An increase in such signs that have been poorly maintained has had a negative visual impact on the community and has generated numerous complaints,” according to staff documents. “Some businesses have many of these signs scattered across the front of their properties.”

According to staff documents, this change would enhance the aesthetics of the community as well as eliminate distractions for drivers.

The ordinance applies to banners used as signs, not decorative banners, according to staff.

Cottonwood Planning and Zoning recommended council approve the amendment. Council completed the first reading on Tuesday, Dec. 4 during a regular meeting.

The final reading and possible approval will take place during council’s next regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 6 p.m. at Cottonwood Council Chambers, 826 N. Main St.

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